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Juve- Parma. THE MATCH!

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This is important!!!!

We will face a Parma team on the up, just like we did when Crespo robbed our joy in injury time at the Tardini.

Parma is one of the most balanced sides in serie A (along with Juve and Lazio). Good depth and a star studded starting line-up. No real weak spots (except the lack of an obvious playmaker). Man for man they have the most brilliant looking defence in the world, but our defensive line gains on them because of their experience and inside out knowledge of the others game. In attack Crespo and Amoroso says it all. They are both lethal matchwinning figures, and we will have a handfull with them.
Overall they bolster a good midfield. Fuser (on his day) is one of the best in the business on the right side, but contrary to what AMOROSO want's us all to think :) :), he generally has a hard time with Pessotto. We can expect even less attacking contribution than normal from Pessotto in this match as his sole obligation will be taking out Parma's only midfield danger man.
IF Juve manage to make this a midfield match, I do not doubt for a second that we will win. Parma has to come forward in order to get to CL, and that leaves some room for Zizou. If Zizou can play like he did at Parma.. We're looking good.
D.P has said many times that the defender he fears the most (he says respects, but I think it's actually fear) is Thuram. In my opinion we should field Kova for this one, as Parma would have to make Thuram mark him. Cannavaro is strong and good in the air as well, but Kova is just another frame of a man, and Cannavaro will have all sorts of problems with him in the air.
Davids... He has been the only consistently brilliant Juve player of late, and he will have to be his normal inspired self. If he is, he will create even more room for Zizou, and if Parma field Baggio and Dabo in the central (and Zizou has a good day) he will walk ALL OVER them- just like he did at Tardini.
It will be an evenly balanced game I feel, but I think Juve must win this one. We simply have to.
Having said that, I wouldn't mind drawing as long as Lazio loose points at Bologna (not at all impossible), because I'd prefer Parma making the CL next season compared to all the other teams present in that scramble.

Prediction: Juve- Parma 2-1 :) :).

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Great preview to a great match (lets hope). Juve are now under pressure. After a really poor show against Verona (which could have ended the season), we have GOT to beat Parma. At home. Our attack has been really bad of late, and I haven't seen Inzaghi have a good game for a LONG time (besides the Inter game where he was ok).

It seems that Juve play brilliant games once Zidane, Del Piero and Davids have complete control, and are on top form. Zizou and DP had a terricle outing in Verona, and it was only Davids who was doing all the work that afternoon. That's simply not good enough. Our attackers need a boost too. Pippo will NEVER score unless he gets brilliant defence-splitting passes from the men behind him, Del Piero will never score unless he can really get confident and sure of himself. in front of goal. He always seems hesitant..

I hope its our day this weekend.

Forza Juve!
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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