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The thing about Athirson is that I've only seen him once while playng for the brazilian Olympic team. He was very good, but it's always "dangerous" to buy a Brazilian directly from their league, as it's a completely different game over here. The main reason why I'm all for it now is that I've consulted Ze da fiel on the Brazilian forum who tells me that he's better than Roberto Carlos, captains Flamengo and has scored 12 goals this season (he play left wing back of left midfield). Pace, skill, defensive abilities, composure, leader qualities. Apparently it's a complete package, and since Ze generally know's his Brazil players VERY well I choose to believe him this time around :).
Also- Pessotto is an EXCELENT sub, but we would really proffit from getting a more attacking minded left wing as it would give our game more variety.
The European options are limited I feel. We won't get Nedved, Pires is goping to either Arsenal or Real Madrid, FIGO is virtually impossible to sign considering his obscene prize and apart from those I think there's a real shortage of left midfields in Europe.
Apparently we'll be able to catch a rocketing Brazilian star which would also be good business wise. Merchandicing, brand awareness and so on.
That's why :).

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