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Atalanta is really a good team, i have been investegating
this team(not on CM3) and i discovered that they have really good very 'young' cheap players.
A few of them:

20 years
(left) defender that can also play in the central.
He is not really a regular but has played like 15 games
last season mostly as a sub but sometimes as a replacement of ex juve veteran Carerra.

19 years
central midfielder
has been a regular since febuary has played out Galli and Dundjerski in the starting line-up.
He looks very promising!

20 years
midfielder, center or winger
a good sub that sometimes push for a starting role...

22 years
played Nappi(!) out of the starting line-up

22 years
left back
he emerged in the starting lineup, can also
play as a midfielder.

C. Zenoni
23 years
right back
Loaned out 2 seasons ago cuz lack of expiernce
not back and rocking!

D. Zenoni
23 years
right midfielder
played 16 matches in Serie A and expierenced enough.
Probaly the most wanted youngster.

Why would Mirkovic go back to Atalanta it is really a humaliation for him to go back to his old club where he once shone, he will always has the tag of 'not good enough'
on him:(

Tarantino of Empoli is also great!
just like Yllana of Brescia.

NB: Just deleted the empty space

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All players of our(holland) national team are feeling the effects of high pressure, it might seems strange but it's tru, the media blows the hole case too much up!

But after the Kluivert goal(ze wou zelf verkracht worden!)
Holland was rocking now the confidence is so high we can surely win against Zidane, defence, henry & co.

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About Davids being black has nuffing to do whit it, forgod sake RIJKAARD the coach is black, this i absolut rubbisch.

altough you are right about that the dutch team isn't in her greatest shape:(


Hup Holland, hup etc.
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