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Juve negotiations this week.

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While Moggi and Bettega are secretly conducting our business behind the EURO transfer curtains abroad, this week may see us off-load excess players to the newly promoted sides.

Mirkovic has been certain to leave for some time, but we didn't know the destination. Atalanta now seems big favourites.

Birindelli was a bit of a surprise to me, but since we bought strong players for the defence we don't need him for cover there anymore and it seems he and Amoruso will both go to Napoli.

No tears to spill here. We allready have a great squad, and if the continuos rumours about Juve shopping for both Vieira and Anelka are anything to go by- it's obvious that we will se some major players joining before the start of next season. The silly season is actually prolonged this season, as we won't start up before 1st of August.
This is because of the Olympics, and even if we don't have that many players involved it will be a great benefit to us, as SO many of our players are involved in EURO 2000. Zidane is our most important player, and we've all seen that he can be off in a season if he's not allowed to rest properly.

Another note on the transfer sceene.
Is it just me or are Juve trying to strenghten the ties to all the small and midtable teams ? Loan deals are in the process for Rigoni and Sculli as we speak with Reggiana and Verona as likely destinations. We all know what happened with Bologna and Udinese concerning Paramatti and Zanchi's transfers. Damiano Zenoni might be a part of Mirkovic' transfer and Napoli look set to stay in serie A this time around as Parma President Tanzi is investing in that team too. Possibly dealing with Napoli can improve our relationship with both them and Parma.

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Like a big evil spider Juve is weaving it´s web !!!! :(

Just remember money talks and ... and juve gets the players anyways cuz they have all the money too :)

I truly hope that most Juve signings end up like Maresca - hitting the post :) ( well the goalie saved but still ).

Anelka to Juve - I have to say that if any club would make this kid turn straight it would be Juve. Anelka would come to Whatever the HQ is called and he´d be so stunned by the history of this club .. well that didn´t help Real much did it ?? Still Zidane and Anelka are a scoring duo and I think it could be a good move ( Out with Inzaghi in with Anelka ).

Viera is a different story: OVERHYPED ANYONE ?? I have to say that Arsenal suck big .... and they are ...s and ....sds ( those aren´t words ) and they will want an overprice for Viera and where would Juve then put him ?? I like O´neil more and he won´t move pitbull ( even if pitbull had both legs broken ) and we won´t even mention Zizu. Viera could shine shoes but that would be overkill.

Midfield: A OK ( maybe a bit more speed on the right wing ).
Attack : Well .. maybe I don´t really like Kova and Inzaghi but Del Piero is great.
Defence : YES !! are you crazy ?? No .. sorry monolog. The biggest weakness in Juves game was their wings and I know you can´t order a Salgado and get him via FEDX but wouldn´t that be nice.

Anyways thanks for stealing Paramatti :( hopefully he won´t play well against us - but he always plays well.

Forza Lazio !!
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Ahem...stick to your tiny Atalanta,Napoli is our colony!:)

Anyway,Tanzi invests in Napoli and a Parma army (Lassissi,Longo,Matuzalem) is ready to move there in the summer either on loan or on permanent deals.

Vieira is really great,a Vieira-Davids duo with Ziou in front of them its SCARY! screw Tacchinardi...

PS.You need BADLY,DESPERATLY BAD a new left midfielder.Its unbelievable how much Pessotto sucks! I mean I really cant believe he is in the national team...he is incredibly CRAP!!!!!

Glen,you have to agree with this,no matter what you say,Pessotto is really bad.And I mean baaaaaaaad!

and so incredibly boooooooring and sloooooooow!
I see some people are still bitter at lazio's, and cragnotti's humiliation during the anelka-arsenal saga. Viera is a great player, and would be a great aquisition for any team. However, he is not for sale.
My first post in this restructured forum. It is quite cool indeed!!!

On all of these rumours:

Yes, selling Birindelli, Amoruso and Mirkovic isn't only going to be good for Juve but also for those players, since they will get much more playing time than at a big club like Juve.

Players coming in: Vieira and Anelka sound exciting in one team, and with Zidane, more than explosive!!! It reminds me of the other French trio we had in the season before the last one: zizou, Deschamps, and Henry, only that this one is younger and much better. I am just worried about the players prices. If we buy the, will we still get a new stadium?

On Zanchi and Paramatti: Great players. One young and the other experienced. They, in my opinion, will be crucial for us in the Champions league.

:):):=:X:(:O Just trying out faces!!!
Amoroso; On Pessotto. We can't agree on this one I know, but you have to understand what I want. I want Pessotto to be a sub. I want Candela (unrealistic), Nedved (unrealistic) Robert Pires (unrealistic) or Athirson to start, and despite everything you say Pessotto is the BEST left mid DEFENSIVELY. He doesn't add ANYTHING to offense, but he's still a valuable player to have in terms of depth- difficult away games, late gamekilling substitutions etc. etc. He's great provided he'll be second chair- as a starter he doesn't do the trick for me.
Napoli is your colony- that's fine with me. But don't think we wont get our fingers mixed up in that one too, as Moggi's son is a newly hired manager there (conducts their transfer negotiations) :).

Svennis; It's always nice to see you recognize what we're doing behind the scenes :). I think you're wrong on Vieira, but let's leave it at that.
Strikers- Let's see what happens. I don't believe in Anelka allthough he's surely a potential great, but his attitude would have to change alot.

I wanted to comment on some of the many rumours flying around calciomercato these days, but... there's just too many of them. If Cragnotti is serious about those estimated fees for Figo he has definately lost his mind. Let him dissemble his team- I'd like that :).

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Cragnotti will do no such thing as the only players up for a possible transfer are: Almeyda and Salas ( perhaps Stankovic but I doubt it very much ).

Remember if you look at our shopping list we have still to spend like 1/3 of the Vieri money ( some 10£ ) and then winning lo Scudetto gives us 50$ and the biggest sponsor deal Lazio has ever had on their shirts with siemens 24$ add to that a pres willing to spend and an incredible rise when it comes to tv fees and people coming to our games.

Lazio will basiclly stay the same as we did last season when the only new faces where Veron, Simeone, Sensini and Simone.
Forgot to add how badly Juve play in the EC2000 right now :) Pessotto is soo bad it´s scary, lulliano is just making a fool out of himself, Zambrotta hasn´t had one shot on goal and basiclly he´s the coolest Juve dude I have every seen ( how cool is Zambrotta :) even his name is cool and he is a fair player .. HES JUST COOOOOOL !!! I like Juve because of Zambrotta :)

Del Piero is just playing in no mans land at the moment and he should either be higher up on the field or be at the same position of Fiore. Del Piero is great but right now he lacks confidence and Totti is better.

Inzaghi - was really good against Turkey and the dive was nice :) but against belgium he was just terrible and doesn´t he know what an offside is ??

Thank god for Zizu and Pitbull :) rest safe with those guys !!
Pessotto was terrible against Turkey- Granted.
Pippo don't know offside, has missed too many chances and dived his way to a penalty- Granted.
Kovacevic- Didn't gt many chances and all of yugo was playing like... when he was on. Nothing special- Granted.

Conte- Captain Marvel.
Del Piero- has been great when coming on. Everyone wants him to start.
Iuliano- Pushing Maldini into midfield was a wise choice by Zoff and Iuliano will CONTINUE to reward the confidence bestowed upon him with foulproof, disciplined and dependable defending.
Zambrotta- OK, but nothing more I feel.
Pippo- I know.... But just like at Juve he has still earned a match for Italy and gave a nice assist to Fiore for the second yesterday. His talent is limited, but I'm quite sure Zoff is happy at least.

Zizou and Davids: BOOM.
Van Der Sar- One fabulous save- otherwise so and so.

That's our score svennis.
Should we make one for Lazio as well :) ?.

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About Zambrotta...do you think this guy deserves to start for Italy? (I dont ask the same question about Pessotto,Albertini and Inzaghi because they dont...) I mean,he is not bad and had a good year but I find it hard to believe that Zoff threw Fuser away in favor of Zambro...

Because in my opinion,thats why Fuser was dropped,not adding pressure to Zambrotta who Zoff wanted to promote as a starter...ridiculus!:(

Fuser would add some creativity in the midfield,and he is definitely a better player overal...Zoff is such an idiot!

Dont you agree Glen?

And could you Juventini PLEASE stop to support Inzaghi? he is one of the worst players who has been holding a starting role for Italy,EVER!
Atalanta is really a good team, i have been investegating
this team(not on CM3) and i discovered that they have really good very 'young' cheap players.
A few of them:

20 years
(left) defender that can also play in the central.
He is not really a regular but has played like 15 games
last season mostly as a sub but sometimes as a replacement of ex juve veteran Carerra.

19 years
central midfielder
has been a regular since febuary has played out Galli and Dundjerski in the starting line-up.
He looks very promising!

20 years
midfielder, center or winger
a good sub that sometimes push for a starting role...

22 years
played Nappi(!) out of the starting line-up

22 years
left back
he emerged in the starting lineup, can also
play as a midfielder.

C. Zenoni
23 years
right back
Loaned out 2 seasons ago cuz lack of expiernce
not back and rocking!

D. Zenoni
23 years
right midfielder
played 16 matches in Serie A and expierenced enough.
Probaly the most wanted youngster.

Why would Mirkovic go back to Atalanta it is really a humaliation for him to go back to his old club where he once shone, he will always has the tag of 'not good enough'
on him:(

Tarantino of Empoli is also great!
just like Yllana of Brescia.

NB: Just deleted the empty space

[Edited by Glen on 17-06-2000 at 15:24]
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Damn, things have changed around here....i mean the last time i checked in it was hmmmm.... now it is WOOOOW....when did you guys do this...anyway the summer holidays were okay now back to work....
Anyway...i still do not understand why Juve had to sell Henry...that guys is justy sensational...
i think that if we buy Anelka that will be good, but we have to wait and see the Euro....i mean him and Zidane and Viera could get used to each other and i think that would be cool if they eventually ended up in the same team...

Del piero...it is unfortunate that he is not starting, i mean look at that guy, he is just sensational...especially against Turkey....
Glen i will have to agree with Amoroso, we really need a left winger...to me Pesotto is becoming too traditional (by traditional i mean slow)....Zambrotta is pretty flexible if we can't find a left winger we can look for a right winger,...Zambrotta is pretty fast....
By the way i never got to this one.....did we really loose lo Scudetto or it is this horrible dream i have almost every week...don't worry Svenniss we will be back next year,,,by the way do you think Sweden has a chance of making it...as for Glen i am sorry to what the Dutch did to you guys today..i mean how could you guys just collapse in the second half????
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Hi eringi- good to see you back here :).
Like you I really enjoy the new design- Jan has done a splendid job.
I always bet against Denmark so at least I win some money while we're being slaughtered (50£ yesterday combined with France's 1 goal win). Having said that I like that we're actually trying to play football unlike Sweeden and Norway :(. we had the Dutch contained for an hour, but as they scored we we're completely unable to keep up the pressure on them, and they exploited the gaps we left them in defence. Denmark is a counterattacking team that relies on pressuring the opponents, but if we fall behind we're a dismall team. Things could have been very different if we'd taken advantage of our opening chances against France AND Holland because we're really dangerous when we're in the lead. Anyway- France and Holland are both super teams so it's OK even if our 0-6 scoreline is a little hard to swallow (I don't think it fairly resembles our efforts eigther but that's another, pointless discussion).

On Pessotto; You have to realise that I think we need a new left wing as well. I just want Pessotto to stay as a competent substitute. I agree with both you and AMO (and basically everyone else) that we would benefit from getting more speed and crativity on the left, but Pessotto is a usefull player for many scenarios because of his grit and experience.

I too like the French connection theory, but I must admit it's sad that it can't be Henry. We completely failed to take advantage of his striker qualities and seing him with Zidane now simply tears me apart. Anelka I still find asulky and overraaed, but that doens't mean he's not a possibly great acquisition. Vieira- yummie.

Willem sterk; Interesting list you've made- keep it up. Damiano Zenoni and Donati are Juve bound so keep us posted OK :).

AMO; Fuser is brilliant, but I like Zambro every bit as much. I think Fuser would give some competent depth to the attacking options of the side and HAD HE BEEN FIT I'm sure he would have been there instead of Di Livio :(.
To answer your question in a simpel manner: yes i think Zambrotta deserves to start but if Fuser started in his place I wouldn't complain because he's a good player as well. That's the difference between that situation and Albertini-Tacchinardi in my opinion.

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No,I disagree that Zambrotta deserves to start over Fuser...since Zoff-idiot didnt pick Fuser Zambrotta is the obvius starter but in my opinion he is still behind Fuser in many things,including creativity,scoring,crossing and keeping the ball.He is better of course at defending but I think that some creativity and wing power would be better than constanlty defending for Italy...Zambro has attacking qualities,not as much as Fuser but he has,Zoff does not allow him to show them and thats bad...anyway,than seeing Fuser sitting on the bench and doing magic for the 5 minutes he gets in like Del Piero does would be too hard for me to swallow,so I guess its better than Zoff didnt pick him and put him on the bench just because he wants a full back and not a right midfielder.Still Fuser should be the man on the right midfield for Italy at Euro2000.He was one of the very few players who stand up to their value at the qualifiers and I think Zoff was unfair not to pick him up...the same goes for Tacchinardi and Vanoli despite his awful year in my opinion.Maldini should be on the left and Fuser on the right.No doubt about this on my books.
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Amo don´t you think that Crossing is pretty useless seeing how badly the italians suck at airial play ?? Without Vieri there is no point in crossing since no one will be there to acccept the header.

Zambrotta was picked because Zoff has opted for speed ( don´t ask me why the hell pessotto plays :) ). The other reason is that Zambrotta is the future and this is a good experience for him ( being only 22 ).

Davids has been good but not outstanding in any way - sorry to say because he has been all season. I think it´s a bit unfair to say that holland should be favourites when they don´t have a real playmaker and in my mind there is no doubt that France has the most complete team ( even if I don´t like them that much ) With De-Silly, Blanc, Thuram, Zidane, Petit, Viera, Henry, Anelka and a bench with Pires and Trezaguet :(
Davids has been really average at the Euro.I expected him to shine all the way but I've been dissapointed...especially against Denmark when he and Cocu couldnt cope with Nielsen and Gravensen! really bad...I just cant explain it,he was wonderful this year so why choke now?
All players of our(holland) national team are feeling the effects of high pressure, it might seems strange but it's tru, the media blows the hole case too much up!

But after the Kluivert goal(ze wou zelf verkracht worden!)
Holland was rocking now the confidence is so high we can surely win against Zidane, defence, henry & co.
One of the reasons why Davids isn't almost his true self is the Dutch squad itself. During the World Cup, Davids started a controversy by saying the 'white' players won't pass the ball to him and he doesn't feel like a team. I think in Euro 2000, Davids is being left out. I noticed players like zenden, Bergkamp and Cocu won't pass the ball to him. Or maybe the Dutch doesn't really know what Davids can do. Another one can be Davids is not trying to get any yellow cards because he wouldn't want to miss the 1/4 finals. Either way, I'm very sure Davids will be as good as usual when he plays again for Juve:):)
About Davids being black has nuffing to do whit it, forgod sake RIJKAARD the coach is black, this i absolut rubbisch.

altough you are right about that the dutch team isn't in her greatest shape:(


Hup Holland, hup etc.
GLEN: From the beginning I thought that you didn´t want/like/think that it was possible to bring Athirson to Juve. What has (obviously) changed your mind ???? As I understood from what you wrote above, Athirson would be a good Juve-player in your opinion !?!!?! What has changed your mind ?


I still think we should go for Saviola.......
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