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Juve, Milan...I present to you - Julio Cruz

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Stats from his entire Inter career (5 seasons 2003-2008).

Serie A

vs Juve
4 goals in 3.6 games = 1.12 goals/game avg.

vs Milan
3 goals in 2.56 games = 1.17 goals/game avg.

Bonus fact:
Coppa Italia vs Juve
3 goals in 2 games = 1.5 goals/game avg.

Note: His stats vs Roma are not as good. Only 4 goals in 6.9 games in total, including Coppa Italia.

I hope this boost thread wont jinx the Jule mans record vs Serie As two worst diseases.
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By judging the thread of the title alone, one would think you are offering Julio to those two diseases. But yeah, I have to agree you jinxed him.
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