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So Juve lost....Whom am I going to blame? The weather, the referee, the federation or our rivals of the day. Well I blame nobody for I don't belong to Lazio or Parma. I don't search scapegoats for my misadventures.
"JUVE lost the scudetto, lazio did not win it". The Verona match finally proved fatal. We should have never lost there coz we were "the JUVENTUS" but that's the way it goes. It's football.... "beautiful and fragile".
Today we are sad, disappointed and we may even cry out for our JUVE but nothing lasts forever, everything passes. Lets hold on to that.
And one last thing, I wish the players would remain in the team for I long for a JUVE-lazio (maybe in the champions league). Some say revenge is always sweet and I surely think it will be.
Thats it and bravo lazio. I have never really liked you but now I hate you. For me you simply don't exist.

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first that everything is LOSERS... because? because they could not buy to Colina...
second juegon with verona, they won to them cleanly and to us also...
third the game of you against parma was sold
quarter do not deserve escudetto...


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First of all, not All Lazio and Parma fans blame everybody, so please don't generalize!
And yes, it would be exciting to see another Juve-Lazio match. 'Though I understand that in CL that can only happen in the latter stages...but anything is possible!

Forza Lazio

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If you want to cry,please cry it along
with how the sinner had been cursed...,
Please don't hide it by your broken-
heart,stress or everything.......,
cause you will get sick forever....,
I think the better way for JUVE...
Santis for next season and looking
for more like him or How about
Pierluigi Collina???Than your team
can play with 12 players for every
matches.Good Idea???
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