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20 billion lire (€10.3m) and a 5 years contract: this the
offer from Juventus to left side of Flamengo, Athirson
Mazolli de Oliveira. According to Brazilian papers the player
is trying to reach a deal directly with the Italian team,
without the agreement of his club and his agent, Marlene
Mattos. And it seems negotiation is already at a good

Immediate the reaction of the chairman of Flamengo
Edmundo Silva, who threatened to ask the intervention of
Fifa to block this 'secret' negotiation "Flamengo owns the
right to make a counter-offer, since Athirson has a
contract with us till next December. Besides we'll offer him
a better contract than Juventus for sure!" the president

In fact the Brazilian club is ready to give 3 USD million to
the player for stay another season, while Juventus offers
1.5 USD million for the first two years, salary to be
increased in the successive years.

Actually the player is suspended after he failed a doping
test last May. But a successive test showed there is not
track of doping, so the defender should start to play again


If this deals go through.. well then we are lookin' good! :cool:
I really hope Juve sign him, all we need then is a new striker. Heard we've bought Trezeguet? Is that true? Anyone can confirm that?

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Nothing can be confirmed regarding Trezeguet yet. Juve is apparently very interested in Trez (who is a really good and promising player !!!!) and if Juventus bring the right amount of money to the discussion-table he will be wearing black & white next year.
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