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Juve-Brescia: on RAI.

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Is anyone going to watch this match on Rai International? The coverage will start at 10:30pm EST Time.
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Yeah I always watch the Serie A on Rai on Sunday nights :cool:
I took Rai off late last year - the games just send me to sleep.

Watching Juve play is like watching grass grow - and they are not the only top Italian team that is just boring boring boring. :eek:
you gotta admin though 7159 that there have been some quite high scoring games in SerieA this season and probably many more goals on average compared to usual and to what you would expect from Italian football :dazed:

I'll let people draw their own conclusions from this info as to where Italian football is heading though :)
Andreas - sure, there are a lot more goals - however, They still base all there game on defense.
The midfielders are really extra defenders -

It will be interesting if Italy has learned anything from the last 3 World Cups.
Will they be happy to play for Penalty shootouts or will they try and win the game.

If Italy have enough faith in there ability and go forward and try and win games - they will end up winning the World Cup.

The moment Italy become defensive or take no risks - then again - that will be there undoing.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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