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Juve Are Idiots If......................

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this is true. I got this from www.soccer-europe.com.

According to the Catalan TV channel TV3 Juventus has offered
Barcelona 5000 million pesetas (£18 million) plus Zinedine
Zidane in exchange for Figo.

If that is true then Juve are real stupid. Zidane is the best player on the team. His performances this year have proven that is an important part of the team. If he was to go to Barcelona then they should give Juve Figo plus at least $45 million.
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Well that source you got it from aint so reliable. I say it's bull****! Zidane + 18£mill? No freakn way! Juventus wouldnt be so stupid..
and yeah if tah deal goes thourgh, well then we really are freakn idiots!

What a rumour !!!

Seriously; it's plain silly and will NEVER happen.

Zidane in exchange for Figo may not seem that stupid, but an added 18-million pounds is going overboard.

But like already said, it's just a dumb rumour, the transfer isn't going to happen anytime soon. Zidane wants to stay with Juventus and Figo with Barcelona.
I don't think Juve will want to part with Zizou.
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