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Juve are best loved club in Europe Tuesday 2 April, 2002


Juventus may be out of the Champions¡¦ League and struggling in Serie A, but they are still the best-loved team in Europe.

The revelation came from UEFA magazine, which discovered through a poll that 17 million fans throughout the continent wear the Vecchia Signora¡¦s colours.

The Bianconeri have a greater following than Real Madrid and Manchester United, but the survey also showed that the other clubs have a stronger fan base outside their home countries.

10 million Juventus fans can be found in Italy, making up 39% of the population. Real wield only 38% of the fan power in Spain.


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Here's the dailysoccer.com article:
oh and many fans do not go to their games because they do not live in Italy...

Juventus is the most loved team in Europe
TURIN, April 3 - by Nadia Carminati (DS)
Despite of the last quite negative results, the difficulties for scudetto and the Champions League's elimination, Juventus is loved not only in Italy but also in Europe, according to daily "Gazzetta dello Sport". These data arrive from the official magazine of UEFA: Juventus is at the top with 17 millions of supporters, 10 of which are Italians (with a percentage of 39%). Real Madrid in Spain has a percentage of 38% of Spanish supporters. Juventus is the first team in 9 Italian regions according to other criteria: in fact every 4 of its Italian supporters over 10 are women. The same goes for French and Germany, while in Spain and England it seems that bigger part of black and white supporters are men.
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