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Firstly, I wanna say that I'm so upset about we lost the title in the final day.
I knew that evry Juventino would feel the same way as me. But if you think in advantage way yhis will make Juve stronger next season, don't you think?
Every season Juve always signed not so expensive players but I think this failure will make Juve sign someone classy.
I want Juve to sign a very classy forward. In order to do that I think Juve have to sell Inzaghi. If we sell Inzaghi we might get about £15-£18 million. Then we can buy someone like Crespo or Salas. For me I really don't think we'll get Crespo because he just signed a new contract. May be we'll get more chance with Salas. Actually I don't mind Kluivert though. May be everyone think I'm mad because Kluivert was so crap at Milan. But I have some feeling that he will be a success at Juve just like Davids did. Or may be we should take a gambling at Saviola. He is still very young though.
Then for defender I wish we'll get Thuram or may be Campbell. I know they'll cost about £13 or £14 million but I really think they worth the money. Finally I think we should buy an attacking midfielder. For me Riquelme is the one.
My choice is Salas or Kluivert(I think he is better than Van Nistelrooy)for striker.
Riquelme for midfield and Thuram or Campbell for defence. I think they will make Juve a major force again.
What do u guys think?

Forza Juve.

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To me, Saviola seems like a better alternative than both Kluivert and Salas. In my opinion, these two guys are not good enough for Juve. Saviola, on the other hand, has the potential of being a really good investment. I disagree with Satochan about Van Nistelrooy. I believe he is a far better
player than both Kluivert and Salas. If Juve signs him, I will be very delighted. Last of all: I wonder why there never is any discussions about Jardel. Wouldn´t that be something for Juve?
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