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It is well know that England's squad is well depleted due to the fact that there are few left footed players in the squad. the only ones are Fowler and Barry and this does not seem good enough especially when you consider that one is a striker and the other a very young player who is there for the experience more than anything else. this is my assessment of the whole 22:


David Seamam - Arsenal - long been the England number one and is one of the few players in the squad that has over 50 caps
(57). He is 26 and still the number one choice according to Wenger and KK. His performance in the European Championships of 1996 means that he will be rememebered as a hero. This year IMO his form has dipped for Arsenal and i feel that he has made some mistakes for England as well (rememeber the Sweden game).

Nigel Martyn - Leeds - strange that he has not been given the chance earlier than he will be this is a very good keeper hose only problem is that at times he can get a rush of blood. Played well versus the Ukraine and as I have mentioned thus far he has not put a foot wrong for England. With only 13 caps including his debut versus Brazil it seems that international football has a chance of passing him by.

Richard Wright - Ipswich - having just helped Ipswich get up to the Premier League at long last it seems that this guy has lived up to all expectations. IMO playing for Ipswich helped him as he was guranteed the number one spot. He has been scouted by many clubs and if Ipswich had not got up then it seems he would have moved for certain. He has been scouted as a future England keeper for a very long time and it seems that this has not got to him. Over 20 clean sheets in the 98/99 season shows his class in my view and this season he will show how good he is.


Phil Neville - Man Utd - i am not being biased here but I belive that this guy had the worst game ever versus Ukraine. He gave the ball away soo many time it was unbelievable and I felt like killing him. When he got the run of the ball and got to the by-line his cross, to say the very least was sh!t. I think that he is over-rated and can not understand why he will play on the left when he has no left foot. It is soo obvious that he will come inside time and time again.

G Neville - Man Utd - I laugh at the fact that he has 35 caps and then see that it is not a joke. He is 25 and maybe I am bitter that he has replaced the great Dyer but I can not see the appeal. He is allright but should not be anywhere near the status he is at right now. To top this off I think that he has had the worst season his career and still ends up going to the Championships.

Gareth Barry - Aston Villa - Southgate believes he has a great future and i would have to agree. He is soo composed on the ball it is unbelievable and the fact is that at time he is too composed. Within time thougfh I feel that he will be a better decision maker and a star. At the tender age of 19 he was given his first cap versus the Ukraine and did o.k.
The thing is that it seems his position in the squad is largely down to the fact that he is left footed and Wilcox dropped out. If this is the case then I am worried but on the other hand I know that he can excell as well.

Martin Keown - Arsenal - Keown is the type of player who it does not matter if he is playing for England or Arsenal as his pattern of play does not change in the least. He is rugged and determined and forms a formidable patnership at Arsenal with Adams which KK may see as good for Arsenal. He is one of the younger of the Arsenal back 4 at the age of 33 and will not let anyone down in his play. The word i would use for him is solid.

Tony Adams - Arsenal - the other half of the gunners formidable duo and possible the best England defender since Moore. Since the early days when he was on drink he has settled down and in my view should be the captain of the side. He has remarkable positional sense and is the best at pulling the defence together that I have seen. Having read his autobiography you realise just how much he has changed but this does not show on the pitch. If anything he is more adventerous now and is likely to make a run up field at any times.
I also think that he played very well in Ukraine but the best game that I have seen the guy i was the WC quarters versus Argentia where he held the defence together in a colusal way.

Sol Campbell - Spurs - IMO one of the best three defenders in the world and the thing is that he has at it all. He is only 25 yet has played for England 36 times. In these games he has been outstanding and if anything has played better than he does for Spurs. The only bad game I have seen him play was versus Chile and Salas. Apart from that he was colosus in the Argentian game and has deceptive pace coupled with the type of strength theat will make him win the ball 9 times out of 10. i was impressed with him versus Brazil where he showed that he has also matured as a player. I think that one of his biggest qualities is that he stays on his feet at the right time and slide tackles at the right time. An error of judgement is rare as are his weaknesses. His aerial ability is superb and the only problem is at times he can be clumsy but saying this I feel that this is one part of his game that has improved.

Gareth Southgate - Aston V - another member of the Villa back three who started his life as a midfielder in a very poor Crystal Palace side. Little saw something in him and played him as a sweeper and his first Villa season he made his debut for England as a sub (he hi9t the post). 34 caps have followed this one and the best thing that he has is his professionalism. He never says the wrong thing and comes across as more than capable. Indeed Gregory remarked that he was an ideal player due to his consistent performances and great attitude. Often a memeber of the back three that England play he looks set to start the tournament on the bench.


Stephen Gerrad - Liverpool - what a year for this guy who has just turned 20. He made his debut versus the Ukraine and did well and did not look out of place. A great season with the pool and has displaced Redders due to his great performances. He can also do it all and will grow up to be one of the greats. He can steam forward with pace and pass through the middle or cross field balls. But was has grabbed most peoples attention is his defensive work and appetite to stop the opposition from getting the ball. His determination and excellent covering work have meant that he is percieved as a defensive midfielder, believe this but hope that he does not do what he did versus Sheff Wed.

David Beckham - Man Utd - a great player in my view and I feel that a lot of criticism he has recioeved has been very unfair. A great crosser and free kick taker who has an absolute blend of passing ability and vision. His shooting is also very good but problems stem from the his lack of flair. I believe that this does not matter as he does not need to pass players to deliver the balls. Lack of goals is also worrying but I beleive that this will not be the case for long.
One other thing is the fact that he has handled the pressure that has mounted on him so very well. I know that he is hated but I think that he will be part of the England set up for a very long time to come as he is only 25.

Nick Barmby - Everton - had a great season and I was suprised that he made it in the end. i thought that he would not be given the chance but he was and it shows just how good KK is. Played excellent versus Ukraine and sparked England in to life. Has played on the left hand side for Everton this season and this is music to the ears of KK. He also states that he enjoys it as he can cut inside a lot and attack the defender. May be a suprise atarter and I think that a lot depends on his performance versus Malta. Very composed player who can score and initially started as a forward but decided that he was better in midfield and this see

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Seaman-The Arsenal goallie is 37 years old,had an average year and he is obviusly past it.Can you give me a reason WHY Keegan will start him?

Martyn-Arguably the best keeper in PL.Reflexability second to none,mature and consistent.He should start.

Wright-A young keeper,among the best young keepers in the world.

G.Neville- Mr Average.He can do everything but at the wrong way.Has no place in the squd in my cards especially after his loosy year.

P.Neville-Mr Bellow Average.He does everything even worst than his brother.

Keown-Old,experienced and solid.

Adams-Older,more experienced and more solid than Keown.A leader.

Cambell-The only english defender among the top 10 in the world.No he is not on top 5.Solid as a rock Sol knows very weel how to defend,just dont give him the ball.

Southgate-A great defender for PL,but just ok in the outside world where he wont have to deal only with crosses and he wont have Ehiogu saving his butt all the time.

Barry-Talented young lad with lots of skills but still unexperienced.Despite his young age he should start over P.Neville.Very good year.

Gerrard-See above just replace "P.Neville" with "G.Neville".

Ince-Hard as a rock and old as a castle.No place for him.

Wise-Even older than Ince but he doesnt show it.An automatic choice in my cards.

Beckham-Overrated.His international career will end when Heskey and Owen start for england.He can only cross and take corners.As long as there is a Shearer to get the headers he is useful,when Shearer retires his only use will be to test defenders with crosses at practise.

Scholes-The nmost lucky bastard ever.He will score even with his nose.9 out of 10 times he doesnt mean it but he still scores.No other skills.

Barmby-If he didnt play at left with Everton this year he wouldnt be in the team,that sais it all.

McManaman-One of the very few England internationals who is actually good.The explanation is simple: he is more of a continental style of player.

Heskey-Big as an ice mountain,fast as a Ferrari unable to score as Andy Cole.

Owen-Along with McManaman one of the very few England internationals who is actually good.The explanation is the same.

Shearer-Overrated but lethal.He cant do anything spart from score.He knows how to score but he doesnt know how to celebrate.The sooner he retires the better for the game.

Fowler-A natural finisher but he will never play.Too injury prone to become a legend too good to be ignored.

Phillips-He has everything a modern striker needs.Still he will never get a game.Top scorer and league's MVP in my opinion.

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