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Just we four? come on...we need to change this!

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This starting to be embarissing , i've been away for 4 days and when i went back to check our forum almost all the post and aswers was written but the useuall guys :Loose Moose, driver X and blitheid
Its just the four of us thats writing and if we not cahnge that soon we all know whats will happen...:(
the site will die :(
because I really dont have anything against the three of you and i hope you like me to
But im sure you agree that it can be pretty boring to read the posts we write because we know where we all standing and what we like as I will always write that I just love freddie Ljungberg whatever he does :) hehe
and so on
We jsut need some fresh air dont you 3(I can write three because I almost sure its just you that will answer but if someone else to that will offcourse be great!) guys agree?
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So you Gooners think you have it hard!! Try keeping the Villa site running...nightmare! :)

See this topic and had to reply!
A busy forum is not all its cranked up to be either, you guys :)

At the Lazio forum we get about 20 new topics a day, so if you stay away
for about a week or so, you have no idea where you left of. :(

But now that I'm here lets join in the discussion... so how about that Bergkamp?
Publicity is the answer. I don't think i had ever heard of
this site if not for the recommendation of my Spurs friend.
Even Teamtalk's Your Say page gets more hits than this forum. How about asking Arsenal World and ArseWeb to help
us out in this area? No harm trying.
Maybe we can do that phatboy
Who of us will???
hey, what about me? I have been away since the 14th, but I still post a lot.
im back too
just started school and it sux :mad:
im not gonna be able to post as much now
but i'll try my best :D
IM glad your back bulldog
Looking forward to your letters!
what letters? Do you mean posts? :)
the majority fans here are watching Seria A not EPL, i favour Italy more than England and that is why i visit Italiansoccer.com and thru it i discover this forum. I don't know about you guys but what i am saying is that the fans here care about Seria A more than EPL and that is why Arsenal and all other teams are low in numbers... i am encourage by you guys who have been here supporting your club eventhough this forum is kind of bored... but look at the bright side, like Natalya had said Villa's is even more ... sigh....
the villa forum is haunted by only natalya :D
wat lawrencio said is true
so many more serie a fans than epl fans
i dont noe why tho
serie a is so boring!
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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