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I know we are all into WC;):D

Lazio still exist:eek: :D, and things are still going on.....

This is what i have gathered so far.

DLP is off to Porto. :) Farewell;)

Mandietta is apparently NOT going to Atletico. Simeone & Lopez deals are still on.

Instead of Atletico, Mandy might end up in Barca in part exchange with Rivaldo (we are getting money + Rivaldo). Other option is that Crespo would be included in this deal too. In that case we would get approx 40 million Sterling. Crag is in Barcelona to convince:rolleyes: Rivaldo to accept the deal.

There is possibility of exchange between Parma & Lazio, where Almeyda & Liverani will change teams.

Manfredini is as good as signed:) We are paying approx 5 million sterling, plus one of our primavera guys.

Latest on Nesta: Crag announced that after first WC game, Nesta's price doubled:rolleyes: :D . That would make it something like 75 million sterling:rolleyes: :tongue:
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