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Veron in new Lazio hint Monday 17 June, 2002


Juan Sebastian Veron has again stated that he would like to return to Lazio if the possibility presented itself.

The Manchester United man didn’t have the best of first seasons at Old Trafford since his switch from the Italian capital, and has strongly been linked with a return.

"I have a contract with Manchester but anything could happen. Manager Alex Ferguson has told me that he wants to keep me but things can change on a daily basis here," he is reported as saying.

"There is a possibility that I could return to Rome even if from what I hear Lazio aren’t having an easy time of it. If I decide to join Lazio then it will be a decision from the heart."

Veron is still a crowd favourite with the Olimpico faithful and his return could see some wounds heal between the club and the support who were angry at his £29m sale.

"If there is the possibility of returning then I will," he added.

"My heart has always been Biancoceleste – the colour of my national team and Lazio. It is difficult to forget the emotions I felt when we won the championship."

Veron made an instant impression on the Premiership in the opening months but as time went on his form dipped and he was heavily criticised by some sections of the British media.

"My second half of the season at United was affected by injury," he defended.

"I had to choose which games to play and that was something that I didn’t like because I want to play in every game. I want to now prove my critics wrong."


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Lazio: Nobody is safe Friday 21 June, 2002


President Sergio Cragnotti has warned that all Lazio’s players are for sale if the right price is offered, including Alessandro Nesta.

The statement came as the board of directors increased the club’s capital and renewed their intention of cutting costs drastically next season.

“We do sell off great stars,” he admitted, “but other equally fine players will arrive.”

Some players already on their way into the Stadio Olimpico this season are Argentine international Juan Pablo Sorin, Verona’s Massimo Oddo and Chievo winger Christian Manfredini.

Alessandro Nesta’s future should be decided soon as the Italian international is back in Rome for crunch talks with Cragnotti.

“So far there has only been transfer talk, but no official bid has been made,” assured the patron following links with Juventus, Inter, Milan, Real Madrid and Manchester United.

“It almost seems as if the talk in the newspapers is placed there with the sole intent of lowering his price tag.”

The press has also been filled with bitter comments from Hernan Crespo and various others who do not seem happy at Lazio.

“Their price is not the only factor that will decide if a player stays on here,” added Cragnotti. “A star must promote the club and prove that they are close to the directors.”

“This kind of situation concerns Nesta, Crespo, Dejan Stankovic, Jaap Stam, Angelo Peruzzi and any other player that will be a part of Lazio’s future.”

“Only in this manner will we break even from next year.”

“We hope to bring in between £30m and £40m from the summer’s transfer campaign,” explained the President, “and cut the squad from 31 players to 25, three of which will be from the club youth system.”

The Biancocelesti have been suffering from financial problems in the last few years after spending big in their bid to win the Scudetto.

The club hopes to cut its costs from the 2001-02 figure of £67m to a mere £48m for next season, slicing 30% off its current outlay.

“We have always had a wide-reaching financial status,” commented Cragnotti, “that is different from other clubs. Lazio would cover losses with the value of players registered in the plus column of our accounts.”

For example, Alessandro Nesta’s price-tag of £37m is registered as a total profit in the club books as the defender was raised in their youth system and never bought off another side.

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