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I take no credit:

1. History.

Very few clubs in the world, yet alone this country have the history that Arsenal has. Never been relegated from the top division, and only Everton have been in the top flight consecutively longer. We were the first club in the world to build a modern football stadium, Highbury may look pretty weak now, but it was all the rage when we built it in the 30's. In fact, it is a listed building due to its historic significance to football and art deco architecture, and therefore will never be knocked down, unlike 99.99% of all other football stadia ( That also includes Wembley).

When our players were relaxing in state of the art changing rooms, and our directors were knocking back brandy in crystal glasses inside our marble halls, other clubs were still using club houses.

We were the first football team to EVER be filmed live during a game (black and white), oh, and the first club to be filmed live in colour.

We were one of the first teams to ever dominate English football (1930's) and only missed out on total domination thanks to f****g Adolf.

Around the world, clubs in coutries as far apart as South Africa, Argentina and Australia are named Arsenal in tribute to us.

The amount of national team captains that have played for Arsenal throughout the years is a probably matched by 1-2 clubs in England. During one match for example (in modern times) we had four England captains playing at the same time.

2. Money

Let me see now.

The Worlds richest clubs:

1 (1) Man Utd £171.5m
2 (4) Real Madrid £156.3m
3 (3) AC Milan £147.2m
4 (10) Chelsea £143.7m
5 (2) Juventus £142.4m
6 (7) Arsenal £115m
7 (18) Barcelona £110.1m
8 (6) Inter Milan £110.3m
9 (5) Bayern Munich £110.1m
10 (Cool Liverpool £92.3m
11 (10) Newcastle £90.5m
12 (11) Roma £72m
13 (18) Celtic £69m
14 (16) Tottenham £66.3m
15 (15) Lazio £65.8m
16 (-) Man City £61.9m
17 (14) Schalke £60.5m
18 (-) Marseille £58.3m
19 (-) Rangers £57.1m
20 (-) Aston Villa £55.9m

So its not too shabby having United, Juventus, Milan, Real Madrid and Roman Abrahmovich as the only ones wealthier than you. (Even as we build a new stadium), I dont think it gets much bigger money wise.

3. Fanbase

Check the record books, since they exist, Arsenal has consistently been one of the best supported clubs in the UK. If I recall correctly our aggregate crowd (since the 30's) is only second to Man United. This is despite the fact that since the Premiership went all "BIG" we have been in a ground capped at 38,000. But things will change when our new ground (best club ground in the UK ) is opened to 60,000+

We have the record attendance in a UK Champions League game at almost 75,000 and we still had more than 70,000 people going to watch us in the CL at Wembley after we had no hope of qualifying.

Season ticket waiting list is over 10 years, depsite the prices we now have. The most basic membership package that allows you to buy tickets has a 5 year waiting list.

We have away match season tickets that snap up the majority of away tickets for every game (depending on allocation), and the club make it as hard as possible for non Awat season ticket holders or travel club members to get a ticket.

Around the world, we are one of the better known clubs, and as I already mentioned we have clubs named after us all around the world.

4. the ability to attract top players

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Have you ever been through our current squad.

Also historically, we have broken a fair few transfer records to get players (accross decades not just when flavour of the month), and have always had legends playing for us.

From Ted Drake, to Wright, Henry, Compton, Bergkamp, George, Veira, Stapleton, Brady, O'Leary, Hapgood, Adams......

5. being able to compete

Well only United and Liverpool have won more league titles than us.

Oh and then there is this small thing, RECORDS set by Arsenal, whgich happens to be the most records held by one team:

Most consecutive seasons in English top-flight: 79

Longest unbeaten sequence in top flight: 49
This is the unbeaten 2003-2004 season, plus the 2 wins at the end of the 2002-03 season, plus the first 9 matches of 2004-2005.

Longest unbeaten away sequence in English league football: 27

Longest unbeaten home sequence in Premiership: 33

Fewest defeats in top-flight English season: 0
The unbeaten 2003-2004 season set a new standard for consistency at the top level of English football.

Most consecutive scoring league games in English domestic football: 55

Most consecutive scoring away matches: 27
Spanning the 2001-2002 and 2002-2003 seasons.

Most consecutive wins in a single top-flight English season: 13
Established at end of 2001-2002 season.

Most consecutive away wins in a Premiership season: 8
Established in 2001-2002 season

Fewest defeats in Premiership season: 0

Least amount of time spent off the top of the table in a season: 0
In 1947/48, Arsenal won the league having never been off the top of the table, the only club to achieve this in the English top-flight

Fewest goals against in Premiership season: 17
Established in so-near-so-far 1998-1999 season

Most consecutive FA Cup matches won (modern era): 21
Achieved between 1979 (when we won it) and 1980 (when we lost in the final).

Most appearances in FA Cup semi-final: 23
(Joint holders) Arsenal equalled Everton's long-standing record of 23

Most appearances in FA Cup final: 16

Most FA Cup games played: 408
(at end of 2003/04 season). Man Utd are second on 390.

Most league and cup doubles: 3

Most away points in a league season: 47

Most league titles won at White Hart Lane: 2
Achieved in 1970/71 and 2003/04, equalling Tottenham's own record (which incidentally is their total number of league titles won).

Most league titles won at Stamford Bridge: 2
Achieved in the 1930s, beating Chelsea's total number of league titles by 1

Most consecutive league titles: 3
Arsenal won the league in 1933, 1934, and 1935.
This feat is equalled by Huddersfield Town (1924 to 1926), Liverpool (1982 to 1984) and Manchester United (1999 to 2001, a sequence bracketed on both sides by Arsenal).

Most players in an England team: 7
For the "Battle of Highbury" England vs Italy match of 1934-1935

Trophies won on every day of the week
We don't believe that any other team can match this, but have to admit to not having checked exhaustively! The following is obviously not an exhaustive list of Arsenal's trophies (!) but we have listed at least one for each day of the week, and have included all those for which Arseweb has a page to link to. Monday League title 1971
Tuesday Fairs Cup 1970
Wednesday Cup-Winners Cup 1994, League title 2002
Thursday FA Cup 1993
Friday League title 1989
Saturday FA Cup 2002, FA Cup 1998
Sunday League title 1998, League Cup 1993, League Cup 1987


I dare say that the above shows that Arsenal is able to 'compete'. Although we have won European honours, we have let ourselves down in the CL, so what? Nottingham Forrest won it then succesfuly retained it, yet they are staring at old div 3 football, financial ruin and crowds barely over 12,000. So that shows how overrated the European Cup/Champions League is then, eh?

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hmm. we are a great team, but we are not the greatest,we do have one of the best players to have ever kicked a ball, and the best player to ever play in ENGLAND(HENRY)! But we need to do well in europe to b recognized as greate by others, it doesnt matter that much to me though.

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We have been great all the while. Since Herbert Chapman's time. Do your calculation. But we still have not achieve that kind of treble that we can achieve yet.

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Jern Lizardhous said:
great win, we won it in the last minute of extra time and were the 1st club to do the domestic cup double. :star:
Against Sheffield Wednesday, were they not? I've read Tony Adams' book, and he talks about that moment when that guy broke his arm during the celebration for a cup final. Although I think it was the League Cup. :howler:

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ViscaBarcaInter said:
Against Sheffield Wednesday, were they not? I've read Tony Adams' book, and he talks about that moment when that guy broke his arm during the celebration for a cup final. Although I think it was the League Cup. :howler:
yeah that was Steve Morrow, it was Adams who broke Morrow's arm by trying to lift him onto his shoulders and dropping him. :howler:

also famous for Paul Merson's wild beer drinking celebrations..........

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