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Juninho hints

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Juninho hints he could turn down Middlesbrough move

By Reuters, 2000-05-15

MIDDLESBROUGH, England, May 15 (Reuters) - Brazilian striker

Juninho said on Monday he had not decided whether to stay permanently with Middlesbrough where he is currently on loan from Atletico Madrid.

"I have a contract with Middlesbrough until the end of June so we will have to decide before then. I know Bryan Robson plans to talk to Atletico soon," Juninho said.

"The decision has to be the best for the club and best for me. Like everyone I want to play in a good side and play in good conditions and win something. That's what we have to talk about."

Juninho is expected to leave Spain during the close season after the club's relegation from the Spanish first division.

Middlesbrough manager Bryan Robson is hoping to sign the former international in a cut-price deal, despite the Spanish side wanting several million dollars.

But although Robson expects to persuade Atletico to drop their asking price he still has his work cut out to convince Juninho to return to the club where he holds cult status following an 18-month stint from 1995 to 1997.

Juninho believes he is back to his best and wants Middlesbrough to prove they can build a squad capable of winning honours before he commits his future to the Riverside.

"I never thought when I was playing for Middlesbrough that I had to prove anything. I have nothing to prove. Bryan Robson knows what I can do," the Brazilian said.
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Probably the best thing for Junionho would be to go back to Sao Paulo...I think that's the only way he could dream of playing for Brazil again...cause if he continues to play in mid European teams.....Luxemburgo will never call him!

Pelo Corinthians, com muito amor...ate o fim.
yeah, ze da fiel, you are right. and it's so sad, because i love juninho and would like to see him play for a good team in england. i wish mboro could win something. juninho is one of my favorite players. it really sucked the way zagallo treated him before world cup 98 when he broke his ankle. he came back and doctors said he was ready, but zagallo didn't give him a chance. i always think about the sexy football brazil could play with rivaldo on the left of midfield and juninho on the right.
That goes against reports here, which state that he wants to stay! Villa were meant to buy him earlier in the season but I'm glad that they didn;t because his form has been awful in the Premiership!
natalya, can you say more about juninho's form for boro this year? i only saw him in a game against man utd. he was really good, but he missed an important penalty and boro lost, 3-2 i think.
To be honest Falco, there isn't much difference between you not seeing him and me seeing him, because he has done nothing! They say that you should not come back to old haunting grounds and Juninho should have heeded this...last time he was at Boro he set the EPL alight....this time...nothing!
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