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June 9th 2008 (20:45 CET): Italy v Holland

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So here we are, as Italy travel to Berne for the first game of the tournament. FORZA ITALIA.

My team for this match would be this:

Buffon; Zambrotta, Cannavaro, Materazzi, Grosso; Gattuso, Pirlo, De Rossi; Camoranesi, Toni, Di Natale

I am actually not too nervous at this point, I actually dont expect much, we are coming to this tournament with many of our top players not in very good form, so it would be something special to win this. However, lets hope for a good start. A draw is not bad, a win is terrific.
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Guys am I right to think more and more reading the news from Coverciano that De Rossi is going to be a bench player sub?
Donadoni's immense options in midfield for me will be a problem more than a luxury. I rate De Rossi big time but I dont think he can do what he does well on the left and right of our midfield. If we used Roma's formation he and Andrea would be a match made in heaven. I'd start the boy Aquilani and one of Gattuso or Ambrosini, for Andrea's sake more than anything.
Del Piero on the left wing is a certain suicide. Di Natale should and will be starting, at least the 1st game.
omg what a disgrace ... donadoni is a clueless manager. Not even close to a goal by the way.
Max I love you but you should demand to be sub'd off for de rossi or aquilani at halftime.
italy out the tourney donadoni will never work again.
i feel like i'm watching Milan this year!
I don't understand why we finally have these young dynamic players for Italia and roll out this side. It's one thing if you don't have the options. But there are 5 players on the field right now that should never have started. I don't need to "name" names.
De Rossi, Cassano and Aquilani all three must come on. No link play. I wonder why.
For that to happen he would have to head 25 balls into the stands.
Donadoni, from Leghorn to the Nazionale. Tutto posibile, no?
i swear materazzi looks stoned out there
Donadoni back at Livorno in a hope of getting out of serie b. That's where his "tactical genius" is best used imo.
“I am happy that Roberto Donadoni called up three of our Italian midfielders and I think that shows that our midfield is perfectly in order,” Ancelotti stated. “But Daniele De Rossi has to play because he is someone you just can’t leave out. Sadly that means that one of my lads will have to miss out.”
LMAO another young gun coming on for Italia.
Not really unbelievable. Predictable with the side we put out.
Not outcoached. Our wounds tonight were all self-inflicted.
You don't think Cassano, Aquilani and De Rossi would start for Holland?
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