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June 9th 2008 (20:45 CET): Italy v Holland

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So here we are, as Italy travel to Berne for the first game of the tournament. FORZA ITALIA.

My team for this match would be this:

Buffon; Zambrotta, Cannavaro, Materazzi, Grosso; Gattuso, Pirlo, De Rossi; Camoranesi, Toni, Di Natale

I am actually not too nervous at this point, I actually dont expect much, we are coming to this tournament with many of our top players not in very good form, so it would be something special to win this. However, lets hope for a good start. A draw is not bad, a win is terrific.
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If we score first it will be very boring as we will probably bunker. However if they score first this could be a classic.

All I know is I can't wait and I hope for both teams to get through this group.:thumbsup:
(and let's send those frenchies home)
if we had lost in the WC I would screw
I feel the same way really. My reasons are

1.) We just won the world cup, winning the Euro cup feels like a step down actually. (not trying to be arrogant here)

2.) this Italian team is mostly the old generation, which means even if we show up amazing in this tournament it doesn't tell us anything about how the future potential of our national team. (players like Zambrotta, Canna, Matrix, Grosso, Pirlo, Gattuso, Camoranesi, Toni, Di Natale, Del Piero, etc... may all not play in the 2010 WC)

3.) We have the oldest team in the tournament and since we just won in 06 most of our starting XI have already won the greatest prize and probably won't be as excited and driven to win Euro 2008. It reminds me of the French team in 06, almost all players who had won it all with the national team and therefore didn't look like they wanted to win as much as most teams. It was more or less a send off for Zidane.

In truth I am just hoping that we can play a nice free flowing attacking style which will not only help us enjoy our games more but give us more respect with the rest of the world football community. Winning would be great ofcourse, since then we could also try and create an empire of world football domination the way the Brazilians, Germans, and even French for those 4 years have done.

Also many of these players just won the world cup so they probably won't be as excited and emotional as they were back in 06.

This is all why I wish players like Cassano, De Rossi, Aquilani, etc... were playing. Not only would they contribute more flair to our attack but they represent how the back bone of our future national team will look like.
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Oh shit I have to take Cannavarro out of my starting XI for my fantasy.:moan:

Anyways, you know how I was saying I wasn't that fired up for Italy at these Euros?

Well so much for that. I just finished watching ESPN classics replay of the Italy vs. France Euro 2000 final (No idea why I did). Anyways, after watching that and remembering the intense heart break Les Frogs inflicted on me at that young age I am more fired up then ever for these Euros, especially for the France game where I hope we can knock them out at the group stage. Honestly beating them in a world cup final just wasn't enough.:excited:

I really am going to miss Cannavarro but I feel our offense may be able to shift some of the responsibility for once. I have hopes that Cassano will show himself to be the magician he is on the world stage much the same way Totti did back in 2000.


I can't wait.:hopeful:
So anyone else expecting this first game to end in a 4-4 draw or something crazy like that?:howler:
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