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Which players would u like to see playing for Jugo the most in Euro 2000?

here is pretty much most of them:


A.Kocic:- was decent enough once but doubt he will play a game in Euro 2000

I.Kralj:- not the best goalman but pretty much the best we got. He can make a great save then will miss an easy one. Hopefully he will do us credit in Europe. Did play good against China

Cicovic:- plays for Las Palmas, i was impressed by his performance in Yugo vs Catalonia and he could come on in Euro2000

Conclusion: very average goalies but not a major concern


Z.Mirkovic:- Zorane, Zorane, Zorane why out of the whole lot did u have to get suspended?
Our best defender who can play in both right and left flank positions and considered one the best right flank defenders in the world gets a three match ban and it may cost us dearly especially since he makes up for the other 'slower and older' defenders.

N.Sakic:- Not that good really that is why he plays in Serie B. If he plays then we will be at a point of desperation

S.Mihajlovic:- he is an integral part of our squad and unfortunately we are left to rely on his free kicks to win most of the time. He takes our corners, free kicks and starts
our attacks without him we have no chance especially with Mirkovic out. He is a top player and the only thing that lets him down is he is not as fast as he used to be.

G.Djorovic:- Good stable central defender who plays consistatly and an important defender in the squad. Reliable player

S.Komljenovic:- Not that bad but really not that good to be in our defence if we want to get far

M.Djukic:- I hate this guy so much he is a complete peder. Boksic ran circles around him and so did the rest of the Croatian squad but so unfortunately we have no one better to replace him with. He is slow unco and sux! Though to his credit he does have some scoring ability (something we sometimes lack).

N.Saveljic:- He is ****

Conclusion: if any thing lets us down in Europe it will be this defense


P.Djordjevic:- Has good leadership quality and a fair enough player but we do not really need him that badly though he should play some time in the game especially if we play him in a defensive midfield position

L.Drulovic:- This guy must play in Euro2000. He is a good dribbler, passer and a great crosser of the ball. He can score goals too. Remember the one he scored for Porto in the
Champions League against Hertha Berlin, he ran half the field and scored. He also scored a good one against Macedonia. He is in great form now and we should take advantage of this. My favourite player right now

D.Stankovic:- He is a young fast & talented central midfielder. He is good with his head and likes to attack. He suffers from a lack of confidence that affects him in club competition which can be a problem though he hasn't shown it playing for Jugoslavia. Will be interesting to see how he does.

A.Nadj:- He is injured and doesn't look like he will be playing in Euro2000.

V.Jugovic:- The man once nicknamed 'Turbo' i feel is soon running out of steam though he is still an important player of our squad and works hard in midfield. He has been very quiet since moving to Inter. Doesn't score much anymore but his experience is vital.

S.Jokanovic:- This guy is a very important player in the squad. He is elegant with the ball, depite being tall and is a very hard worker in midfield. He has great control and dribbling skills. He links the team up together and does a good job of it. Not a scorer but an opportunity creator this Grobar must be in the starting line up.

J.Stankovic:- Good player with scoring ability but we still have better than him. Should play in euro but not for long periods.

D.Stojkovic:- He is not coming and i am pleased with this cause i think he sucks.

N.Grozdic,D.Tomic,M Krstajic:- Do not see much of a need for these guys

Conclusion: The midfield is definately where our strengths lie


S.Milosevic:- Can be useful but very inconsistant as can be seen this season for his club Real Zaragoza. We should play him sometimes though because he works hard

D.Kovacevic:- "Darko, Darko, Darko" were the words of the commentator when Darko Pancev kicked in the winning penalty for Red Star Belgrade to win the 1990/91 European Cup. Can this Darko give us the same glory? The answer would be quite possibly. He is tall and strong and has good aerial ability. Though not the greatest of dribblers he is a true goal scorer and will be there for the final blow. I have faith in this guy, he is consistent and that is why i rate him much higher than Savo Milosevic.

P.Mijatovic:- Such talent but is let down by inconsistancy , misfortune and bad nerve in front of goals. Especially with penalties. While players like Jugovic just slot the ball in he can miss because of the pressure, such examples would be like the penalty against Holland or in Croatia dribbling three Croatian players then missing in front of goals! Nevertheless he is good in setting up chances and will be useful and good to partner up with Kovacevic. He is a great dribbler and we need him badly.

Conclusion: Could be great or could be bad!

my starting line up:

Goalman: I.Kralj
Defenders: S.Komljenovic , G.Djorovic , S.Mihajlovic , M.Djukic
Midfielders: L.Drulovic , D.Stankovic , S.Jokanovic , V.Jugovic
Forwards: P.Mijatovic , D.Kovacevic

phew there u have it guys! practically the entire squad.

sorry its so long!


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[This message has been edited by Nick54 (edited 10-04-2000).]

The starting line up should be.
Saveljic Mihajlovic Djukic Djordjevic
Drulovic Stankovic Jugovic J.Stankovic
Mijatovic Kovacevic

I think its the best we have.

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Predrag Djordjevic should start at left back.You dont have many defenders so it will be a shame if this guy didnt play...

I think that Vidak Bratic deserves a good look by your national team coach,he is great and has played several positions like anchor,centra defender and right back.

The sun will rise again...and it will be...GIALLOBLU!

1. kralj
2. dudic
3. p.djordjevic
4. djukic(djorovic)
5. mihajlovic
6. d.stankovic
7. jugovic
8. stojkovic
9. kovacevic
10. milosevic(mijatovic)
11. drulovic

GK: Kralj

Def: Mihajlovic

Djukic Djorovic P.Djordevic

Mid: Drulovic, D.Stankovic, J.Stankovic


Att: Kovacevic Milosevic


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playing 4-3-1-2 would be a good idea. Maybe at the world cup qualifiers when we can use Mirkovic.

i think Kezman should be given some playing time too maybe towards the end of the match against Slovenia, that is if we are winning (god forbid anything less than a win). It would be good as it would give him a taste of International competition seeing our under 21's failed to qualify.

I have noticed many people like J.Stankovic too which is interesting.

Very good observations Nick54.

My Starting line up is...



J.Stankovic/ A. Nadj


:) :) :) :)

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Well, Nick54, we're neighbours, I'm from Trebinje.. :) :)

Anyway, my first 11 would be as follows:


Dudic Mihajlovic Djorovic(Djukic) Djordjevic

Drulovic Stojkovic(Jugovic) D.Stankovic J.Stankovic

Mijatovic Kovacevic

I think any other formation than 4-4-2 wouldn't be that good(less than 4 defenders would be a huge risk, especially with our defenders :)), eventually we could play 4-3-1-2 against weaker teams or if we really need to play offensive.Then D.Stankovic would be the attacking midfielder behind Mijat and Kova..

Yes Jovan was a virtual unknown until receantly,I mean most red Star fans will remember him from 95' but he hasent really played much for our national team but I started to notice him in the Cup Winner Cup final where he played very well and then I started to pay closer attention to Mallorca and they say he always played well and I even saw him play a couple of times and his crosses are just as good as beckhams I believe.He is the natural choice for that left wing position and he will bring much needed speed to the team.
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