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I've never liked him in our NT, I think he was too young to be our coach, although i have to recognize he has good taste for football. He seems to be happy there, he has a lot of illusion (that's what i've read) and he wants to bring benfica to the top again.

But the question is: Are the benfica supporters happy with him? How much time do you give him to bring you to the top again?:)

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im happy with him, and i think most fans too;)

when he came last mid season, the team was pretty much in a shambles, and he was able to hold us on to 2nd place (which didnt happen for a few seasons:( ) and bring us back to euroepan competitions games after 2 years of fast:rolleyes:

camacho has garra, and i like that.

the one thing that got me quite upset with him, was last defeso, when he wasnt making up his mind on whether to sign the contract for this season or not. i got totally mad at him for he left us hanging on for ages:mad:

anyways, he did sign, and has been doing a good job. true i wish he would take a few more risks at times, like playing more offensive against certain teams, but i suppose nobody is perfect:D

besides all the injuries that have been affecting our team (15 in 3 months lol) dont help him chose an ideal starting line up:rolleyes:

but camacho is benfica's coach, and i hope he stays at least till the end of this season ,regardless of the results;)

the team isnt as regular as i would like too, but i believe that will also improve, the forthcoming game against sporting will be a good test!

as for next year we will see.......1st place he would be welcome to stay of course, 2nd place and CL spot i think so too, but below that no way course....and he wouldnt wanna stay either i reckon:rollani:

as we say here : viva camacho macho:D
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