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Athletic 4-2-3-1
JaviGonzalez LuisPrieto Karanka DelHorno
------------Gurpegui Tiko
---------Etxeberria Yeste Ezquerro
Orbaiz 46' for Tiko
JulenGurrero 73' for Yeste
Lacruz 82' Ezquerro

Deportivo 4-2-3-1
ManuelPablo Andrade Cesar Capdevila
-----------Duscher MauroSilva
--------Sergio Valeron Luque
Munitis 68' for Duscher
Djalminha 78' for Sergio
Fran 78' for Luque

1-0. 50. Yeste. Shot from edge of area which Molina pushed back into own net.

widen the gap! :cool:

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Athletic is better than their record and Aranzubia is having a nice season, he deserves consideration for the NT. A bad loss for Depor.

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bad loss in bad time....we could be soooooo close to valencyia if we won but we decide no better lose...

tristan did not have any luck but he tried everything to score and luque was always trying to go for hard things when easy things could be much smarter

a tie would be fair.........depor didnt deserve a loss
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