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Jorgensen for Parma

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Believe it or not (AMO, i know you really wants him in Parma jersey :) He's going to play for Parma next season.
It costs around 40 billion lire.
Great deal!!

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Done deal?

If he joins,I'll like him eventually...:)
Not Tru, we are signing Conceicao!

But if not the PORTOgues, maby the danisch Loser;)
Optasoccer reported that he would probably sign next week for 13 million pounds. It also says that we want Conceicao and that he would cost 12 million pounds.

It´s unbelieveble that they are almost at the same price.
Jörgensen is sooooo much better.
I want both of them...here is the article Pierre is taliing about,I did my best with the translation and I think my poor Italians didnt let me down...

Parma is one breath away from the aquistion of Martin Jorgensen,explosive midfielder of Udinese.At Emilia are ready to agree in the terms of the club from Friuli which demands are around 40 millions.The Danish international will be offered a contract of 5 years,difficult to refuse.

Tha capture of Jorgensen can become decisive on the confusion around the questionmark of Crespo after the refusal of Salas to participate in the deal.One of the exchange parts at the table by Sergio Cragnotti is infact Sergio Conceicao,who,after the arrival of the danish player will be able to play at his normal right side (at Parma).

What will happen with Fuser? :confused: Move to central midfield? bench? Conceicao or Jorgensen on the bench?

Now,if we get them both I'd rather start Fuser at the right and Jorgensen at the left.Anyway,if we get both or even one of them our midfield becomes from good,to EXELENT.
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I thin i just read on the sportal site that he wasn't going to join Parma. I"m not sure though. Go here now http://www.sportal.com . Hopefully it is still there. Its in Italian though so i can only understand abit of it.
Strange CUG, because at http://www.sportal.it they say that he will probably join... And I do trust that .it more than I do .com... :)
The article I translated is from http://www.sportal.it
good news¡
Martin Jorgensen is fantastic...and we need a left winger¡¡¡
Finally Vanoli will be a sub.

oh great future team¡
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