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jorge albertz / hutchinson

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rangers are the latest club keen to snatch hutch and since smith likes albertz and albertz is having rows with the coach there..

it might be possible that a direct swap between hutchinson and albertz does occur...

albertz can play as midfielder and defender..but scoresa lot for a defensive player...
he has a terrible long range shooting too!!

so u would prefer hutch stay or albertz coming!??
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Oh, I would much rather have Hutch than Jorg "The Hammer" Albertz.
I get to see Rangers a fair bit but I'm not convinced Albertz is such a good player. First of all, he's inconsistent. Some games he's great (against Bayern Munich) and other games he's atrocious (Valencia *2).
His team play isn't brilliant. He can certainly blast a shot but his passing game sucks!

So I say keep Hutchison! (although Rangers could certainly do with more Scots :) )
I'd agree that Hutch would be better for Everton than Albertz. Albertz best skill is his penalties (he's phenominal) but I feel that Hutch offers Everton something every game. He is compatible in two positions and will play his heart out every time.
I feel that he kept them up 2 years ago versus Coventry when the rest of the team seem to give up.

Walter Smith has already talked about this rumour which is going around Liverpool.
He has no plans to swap Hutch for Albertz.
Rangers have not shown any interest in Hutch and Smith had no plans to sell him.
Smith said that he enquired about Albertz when he heard that he might be leaving Rangers, but he was told that Albertz was not for sale at the moment.
I am sure that if he becomes available, Rangers will let Smith know about it.
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