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Well I know they are playing a tournament in Jordan now along with Syria, Palestine, Lebanon, Kazakhistan, Iran and some more teams. I dont know how they did since Its really hard to follow the tournament from where I am now. To tell you the truth, without offense but Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine need much more time to be like the other countries..

Here are my rankings for Soccer in the African and Middle Eastern area

1. Morroco/Tunisia/Egypt and in General North African Countries
2. Gulf Countries
3. Rest of Middle Eastern Countries (Not including Gulf)

This ranking can be easily proven right, just look at the Fifa Rankings :D

BTW Kuwait beat AC Milan 2-0

hi sabry
kefik habebee
well the semi final now is
jordan , iraq , iran , syria .
now they are saying that jordan and iraq will play in the final .......
and jordan will win
do u know why ?
coz of the land , and coz they are realy classy players ....
i told u
arab winners cup 97 , 99
and will reach 2002 wc inshalah

iran 1
jordan 0

syria 0
iraq 0
syria won by penalty kick
and guess wut
both iran and syria needed the whole luck in the world to make it to final
hard luck for the true champions

today is the final match ....and the thrd match have been played between iraq and jordan
jordanian players was runing just to run
didnt want to get gurt coz they are going to play as proffeisionals out there ....they sux and ****
no loyalty

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Nope, Iran won 1-0 :)
I think Iran will be a very strong soccer nation provided they can provide good youth programs as well as sponsorship for professionals.
And Ali Karimi, who plays for Pirouzi and is only 22, should turn to become a great striker and replace the Asian Player of Year, Ali Daei.

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