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Jimmy Floyd to Chelsea, but now what?

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Although it is great that Chelsea have signed Jimmy Floyd, there is still so much work to be done. The squad is too old!! They don't have the ambition to win the premiership. So many players need to be sold, and so many need to be brought in. May I suggest this starting lineup for next season. It is costly, but it would be succesful.

Van Bronkhorst Wise Morris R. De Boer
Babayaro Desailly R.Ferdinand Ferrer
This lineup is not exactly young, but I would not classify it as old either!
ages: 27 27
25 33 21 29
23 32 21 30
24 (?)
What do you guys think about this team?
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Pretty nice but I doubt we'd get any of those players.
Don't think at all. So we gonna sell Lebouef, Thome?, LeSaux?, Petrescu, DiMatteo, Deschamps, Zola and Eddie? Ain't gonna happen :)
why is this so unrealtistic? If jfh cost 14 mil, rio costs 12 mil, van bronck costs 10 mil, dudek is 6 mil and De Boer is 6 mil. TOtal=48 mil.
Sell Lebouf to Lyon=3 mil
Sutton to Sppurs= 6 mil
Deschamps to Marselle=4 mil
Zola to Febernache= 3 mil
De Boey to some Dutch team=3 mil
DiMatteo to some Italian team=4 mil
Poyet to Zaragoza= 3 mil
Petrescu to Ajax= 2 mil
LeSaux to Liverpool= 3 mil
net transfer spending= 17 million pounds. Is this so unreasonable?
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There is a thing called "bench" you know...

Parma will fight back...FORZA PARMA!
yep ask Sutton about it, he is the master at positioning........by getting the best seat on the bench.

I don't know why you want R De Boer, this guy will not be able to last playing week in week out pure and simple.

Rio is unlikely to go just yet, and Poyet should stay apart from that I agree with you potential team and transfers.
LeSaux to Pool, oh, come on!
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