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Jesualdo Ferreira with problems for Sunday game with Boavista

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The CD will announce Friday if Joao Manuel Pinto will be suspended for two games for spitting on Joao V. Pinto in last weekend game. Argel saw the fifth yellow and will have to sit one game. Benfica already taught about ask the CJ to take the penalty out ' a despenalizacao'.
CD means Comissao disciplinar
CJ Conselho da Justica
Julio Cesar would be the only central defender available for the Boavista game. Caneira was injury but he could take a place of a central defender but then would be on the left either Andrade or Pesaresi because Cabral is out with a more serious injury.
On the right we got Armando.
More headaches for Jesualdo.
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I read on Record that the CD have already analised the sich and have taken no action against. Ive also checked out the tape a few times and all I see him do is bend over and blast JVP for diving.

Did you guys see the comment JMP made about JVP and his dives, something about him with his towel at the pool- what a classic.
**** we aint playing Pesaresi are we!
Twomorrow will definettely have the answer about the suspensions. If I was Sporting I would rather have this guys play against Boavista.
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