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Jerzy Dudek!!!!!! :D

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What's happened to him? :(

He, as we all know was truely WORLD CLASS when he was at Feyenoord and in his first season at Liverpool he was good too with that record of clean sheets, but then Houillier lost confidence in him as he made mistakes and now with a new manager, its the same. What's happened? personal problems?
it's sad to see this happen and see him making constant blunders

(after the last game he played for us where he was carried on the shoulders of the fans on a lap of honour)

DUDEK DUDEK DUDEK KAMPIOEN :proud: :fero: forever a hero for Feyenoord fans
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Lack of confidence from his trainers I think. he's class :) And I think he'll be back at Feyenoord soon! (wishful thinking)
Babos is great no doubt :star: but if he leaves Jerzy would be welcome :)
Dudek's getting incapable of coping with pressure. If everybody trusts him, he's doing fine. If he has to prove his quality... Well, today's goal was just ridiculous.

He should leave Liverpool as soon as possible, for his own sake. It's not the first time I'm saying so. And never be fielded against United again anyway ;)
I don't know what's his problem, maybe Prewitt's right. I've no idea how he managed to let this shot in, it wasn't just bad luck like Forlan goal, he just didn't do it on time which is strange as reflex was always his big advantage. I also hope Jurek leaves the PL asap.

hes garbage...that goal today was pathetic for someone who at times can be great.
I don't get this guy :confused:

He was stellar at times but in WC2002 he was like the worst GK there. Then he was pretty good in club play after that. Weird.
AS_Roma83 said:
hes garbage...that goal today was pathetic for someone who at times can be great.
Right, he's such a terrible keeper :rollani:

He's lost total confidence, what Houllier did didn't help and neither has Benitez. Jerzy needs to leave 'Pool as soon as possible and find a club that would want him to be there. Maybe Feyenoord?
im sure Liverpool want him to be there, but what they want more if for him to actually stop a shot that is suposed to be stopped...Dudek looks like garbage lately...what else would you call him. its not the jersey on his back that is stopping him from making saves. i know he can be amazing at times...but lately he has been playing a lot worse than bad.
He'll always be welcome to me personally. Dudek is a regular Feyenoord legend and I can honestly say that in his time at Feyenoord he was up there with the best of them!

The problem now is indeed his confidence or sometimes lack of it, here he was treated with upmost respect and it showed itself on the pitch, not a match passed without the fans chanting his name. :proud:
Unfortunately, Dudek is makingmore and more mistakes. I think Boruc would be better for our NT now (and I'm not Legia fan to be clear, but he's just better I guess). If Dudek wants still to be our no 1, he has to leave Liverpool and join some club in which he won't have competition.
and 4 months after we thought it'd be the end, he's done it :happy:


what a man :proud: :proud:
What can I say, he has extreme highs and lows. I was so sure he would snap tonight and do something stupid, which he almost did catching that ball that bounced out of his hands. But man did he make up for every mistake he ever made in the end, incredible!
I guess jumping off your line before the kick and doing the salsa before the guy takes his kicks is incredible. The guy's an idiot.
An adored and victorious idiot at that :D
numerodix said:
An adored and victorious idiot at that :D
Hey, I give it up to the scousers.....But Dudek broke the rules.....

Come on Num, you know that.
You know very well that goalkeepers break these rules all the time, especially in extra time shootouts, and the refs never call them on it in order to make the shootout more exciting. In the shootout Dudek acted like a clown, but it paid off. He simply learned what is, and what is not accepted, and took full advantage of it.
Flo said:
Hey, I give it up to the scousers.....But Dudek broke the rules.....

Come on Num, you know that.
I don't really care, rules are broken all the time, the ref was right there to call it. I'm the last to cheer for the poolers but I have no problem with Dudek stepping forward, lots of keepers do that and as long as the ref doesn't object, why should it matter?
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