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Javier Saviola-Patrick Kluivert best duo in the world??

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Well I´ll tell u this IF Saviola would have gotten to play in some away games and Kluivert didn´t had to play midfielder for the first 10 games and then jerked around by Charly moving back and forth between attack and midfield these 2 could have challenged the 50 goal mark togheter.

These two complement each other perfectly.
I think we should play a 4-4-2 format next year. Have Enrique and Riquelme??? in the center midfield. Giovanni on one side and the other hmm don´t know fill this one in for me:).
But it has to be a player who can widen the field and get some crosses in for Kluivert.

Kluivert and Saviola MUST be kept until next year. If they get a full season toghetter as our only attackers no more 3 man in the center attack that alone will fill up the Camp Nou......

We have something really special in these 2 and we gotta take advantage specially when they complement each other SOOO well.....
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oh yeah they are the best duo..and they will have a big future in barca...they are like Christina aguelera and Ricky Martin :D :D :D :D
sorry, but i dont agree with ya PK....

i agree with charly, kluiverts best pos is deeper, if we got rid of el tridente that would make kluivert redundant at barca, sorry i just dont think he is clinical enuff to be rated as a striker playing up front... no a saviola tristan combo would be much better... look at tristan, he doenst give the ball away and he always lingers in the box to put away chances one touch, which is a perfect compliment to saviola who darts back and forth with his speed.. tristan proves the physical presence and saviola the surprise element...

sure kkivert has scored alot this season, but tristan seems to put away his chances well.

Yeah Tristan would complement Saviola well to.
I agree there. However Kluivert doesn´t give the ball away he´s his tecnique is so good that the ball is almost glued to his feet.
He always plays one touch football and when u do that some passes go the wrong way but but one touch football is the way to lock up a tight defence. Kluivert is one of the best one touch footballers of all time.

Why Kluivert isn´t always in the box is not because of him but because sometimes he has to go down deeper in the field to get the ball and somtimes he´s ordered to play deeper.

Tristan is an great player but he does not have the passing skill nor the tecnique as Patrick.
While Tristan is strong and good in the air Kluivert still beats him out in both categories. Kluiverts play in the air is just so excellent it´s scary.
If he would be in the box a bit more and if he would get some crosses from the wingers then....:D:D :D :D :D

Tristan does put his chances away I´m not knocking on Tristan at all here is good no doubt about it but if u look at every aspect of the game the ONLY part Tristan beats out Kluivert is the scoring (not by much tough I think the tought of Kluiverts lack of scoring ability is way overrated. I think he finished quite well last night:)). But I have seen Tristan miss alot to it happens to every striker

Kluivert is just overall the superior player and he and Saviola do complement each other well.

That Kluivert is better playing deeper I find as a great quality not a knock on him. Not many can be such an excellent stirker and still be an even better offensive midfielder. He can do it all but I think if we get a great playmaker he doesn´t have to and can concentrate on scoring goals.
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Saviola and Kluivert are too similar to play together. Yes, of course it works against ordinary teams, because of their superb induvidual skills. But not against the best ones in the world. So if we want the Champions League to be where it belongs, in Camp Nou`s trophy room, then we need to change the team. Saviola and Kluivert arn`t close to Stoitchkov-Laudrup/Salinas or Stoitchkov-Romàrio.

Tristàn is a better striker than Kluivert. But Kluivert is more alround than Tristàn.
my point exactly robban...

kluivert may well be a better all-rounder than tristan, but deigo offers the better combo when paired with saviola....

this is why i said kluivert is good playing deeper cos of his awesome 'all-roundedness', but as i said, if we discard the tridente, which i beleive we shoud, then kluivert would effectively become surplus to requirements as tristan would compliment saviola better up front, in a two man formation...

kluivert hasnt the physical presence nor defending abilities to pass-off in a midfield position, besides we have plently of home grown talent to cover those positions...

i would happily trade in 'el tridente' for a bonafide wing system... and two strikers up front...

kluivert hasnt the physical presence nor defending abilities to pass-off in a midfield position, besides we have plently of home grown talent to cover those positions...
He does have the physical presence to play in midfield. Kluivert is VERY strong. No he´s not a great defender.
But he wouldn´t be playing as a defensive midfielder but an offesnive one.

Yes we have home grown players to cover those position but Kluivert does more than just cover the position.
He would be a better midfielder offensive midfielder for us than Xavi,Gabri,Motta,Gerard or Rochemback will ever be.
I´m kinda torn in which position he plays best in striker or midfielder. I have always tought striker but his play in this years preseason as well as his play with Holland has be undecided right now.
But one thing is certain if we would for example buy Tristan and play Saviola and Tristan up front Kluivert would without a doubt have a role as an offensive midfielder. So Kluivert has a place here either as an midfielder or striker....
Kluivert is suitable to play as offensive midifielder in a middle team in La Liga. Not in Barça. Why? Just because there`re so many players better than him in that postion. Striker is Kluivert postion.
Kluivert and Saviola up front with Riquelme behind them as offensive midfielder:drool:
U know what Robban I´m not so sure there are many players better than Kluivert on this team as an offensive midfielder.
Of course I think neither of us can say for sure cause we haven´t seen him enough there but from what I have seen I think he would be our best offensive midfielder.
He and Enrique would work well togheter on the midfield.

But u are probably right that striker is his position but I will keep an open mind until I see him some more in midfield.

I think he has the potenial if given time to be a GREAT offensive midfielder that´s all I´m saying for know...

Kluivert and Saviola up front with Riquelme behind them as offensive midfielder
That´s the dream that will get me trough the summer:D :D :D :D :drool: :drool: :excited:
Sounds more like a nightmare to me. But if you say something like Luque/Cisse-Kluivert/Saviola/Tristàn with Riquelme behind, you`ll get me going.:)
well P kluivert is a better finisher of the ball when he is in good form.but you will see that he sometimes fails to convert some easy chaces. and he is not that good as an offensive mid..... he is better off up in front.....
To be perfectly honest, I don`t think they are so great playing together. I would change Patrick for Vieri or JFH anytime. I like Kluivert. He`s a nice person and a good striker. But! I am tired to see what chances he wastes. And he does it regulary. Yes, I know he scores important goals, but hey! If you concider him to be a great striker, isn`t it just normal for a great striker to score important goals? Really great forwards are famous of scoring REGULARY. Really great forwards could have only one or two chances during a game, but they take their few chances perfectly. What I mean, is we all gonna be happy if we sign a SCORING MACHINE, just like Ronaldo, for example. Kluivert just isn`t that kind of player. Make your own conclusions.
Well Laska I understand were you are comin from.
Pat has missed some chances over the years in Barca...
Even tough he missed a chance against Irland he has been alot better at putting em away for Holland.
If it wern´t for his 89 minute goal against Lattvia the Irland game wouldn´t have mattered at all.

Agreed a great striker should score important goals and Kluivert has done that.
I´m not saying he´s great cause he has done that cause yes that´s his job as a striker.
What makes him great his that with Kluivert we created alot more chances as a team cause he sets up goals and provides great passing something that no other striker can do (not as well as Pat anyway) his doneside is that he´s still missing some but I still say he has gotten better and will continue to do so.
But with Kluivert we score more as a team even tough Vieri might score more then Kluivert but at the end of the day Barcelona scores more with Kluivert then Vieri or Ronaldo...
That´s my honest opinion anyway. Not because I have been a fan of Kluivert since he was 16.
I didn´t say Kluivert was the world´s best striker when I was in Milan cause he wasn´t (I did however always beleive and said he would be before he was 25).

Then if Kluivert start to finish as he has the poteniall to do he will be classed as the best footballer in the world not just by me...

That´s what I think anyway.I see there are some who disagrees with me but I still enjoy discussing with u! If there wern´t any doubters it wouldn´t be any he could prove wrong;)
Take care!
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