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Fenersiken, where did you heared this piece of news?? i don't think it is possible since we already have Trez,Kova,DP and Pippo.We don't need any more striker even if Pippo finally leaves juve!! moreover, why don't juve bid for jardel when he is still in porto?? there is no way for a player who just sign for a new club join another club without playing a single match for his new club!!!!

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I seriously doubt Jardel coming to Juventus, and **** cheung
has a point, How can Jardel Sign for Juve when Galatasary have already bought him and he hasn't even played for them?

If Juve want a striker they should be going after Montella, Kluivert or Milosevic. Although i think they should concentrate on buying some good midfielders as Conte might be leaving.

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