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Jardel is gone

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Soccer-Galatasaray sign Jardel, Boksic strike force

ISTANBUL, June 30 (Reuters) - UEFA Cup champions Galatasaray of Turkey have signed strikers Alen Boksic of Croatia and Brazilian Mario Jardel in deals worth more than $45 million, state-run Anatolian news agency said on Friday.
It said the Istanbul club had signed Jardel, the top scorer in the Portuguese league for Porto last season with 38 goals, to a four-year contract. It said the deal was worth $28.5 million.

They also signed a three-year contract with Lazio's Croatian striker, Alen Boksic, in a deal worth $17 million, Anatolian said quoting the club's deputy chairman Mehmet Cansun.

The report did not specify the breakdown of transfer fees and wages.

Galatasaray could not be reached for comment.

The club have been on the look out for a new attacking force since Hakan Sukur, consistently the top scorer in the Turkish league, agreed to join Italian club Inter Milan this month.

The Turkish champions have said they hope to convince Hakan to stay but as he is out of contract they cannot force him to do so.
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This is a black day at the club :( I knew Jardel was gonna leave at some point during the summer - although I was begining to think maybe he would stay just 1 more year with us, but I can't believe he would go to a f***in crap team like Galatasaray :(. No disrespect to Gala fans - you won't be a crap team anymore! Thats for sure! But Jardel has just gone and done a Zahovic and Jardel will regret this for sure.

If he had gojne to Roma or another big club - I would of accepted it - but going to a WORSE team and a WORSE league is just incredible.

Porto could of easily won the UEFA Cup as well if we were in it. It was just a CL reject competition in the end.

I can accept Jardel has left - but not to a cruddy team like Gala - does this guy have ANY sense at all??

He obviously likes the easy leagues - coss he loves scoring so much - Like Zahovic found in Greece, the lifestyloe in Turkey is very different and I think he will not like it and he will not be happy.

What a waste of what could of been a marvelous career. Jardel could of been another Romario or Bebeto but not if he's gonna play in another weak league.

I would of been happy 4 him if he was at Serie A, Spain or England but this takes the biscuit.

Someone please tell me this is a practical joke. :(
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well what do you want? To be honest I was getting tired of jardel and his bs. It was very clear in May that we were going to lose him and we should not pout but rather rejoice at our larger bank account. PDC said that if Jardel goes he will go buy a new player of quality. With players like Boksic, Elias, Jardel and so forth going to play in Greece and Turkey its proof that we can get big name players. I say with this newfound wealth bring in JVP and Jan Koller from Anderlecht.

Oh yeah PDC has 28.8 million reasons to sell Jardel

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Yep Marco, I can accept he is gone and that we will hhave loads of cash to spend - but i'm angry with Jardel himself -not PDC.

I can't believe he's gone to a s*** league. He said he wanted to go to a bigger club to boost his Brazil caps - but Galatasaray isn't what I would call a big club - and Olympiakos wanted him as well.

So Porto are now smaller then Turkish and Greek teams.

who's next??

Lets sell Capucho to Glasgow Rangers

Lets sell Deco to Rosenborg

Then we can sell Jorge Costa to Spartak Moscow

and why not sell Drulovic to Dynamo Kiev...no maybe we shoud sell him Levski Sofia
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I know Jardel is really banging himself up the ass on this move...its not going to help him at all (unless he scores like 40-50 goals in Turkey)...PDC said he has a player that he will announce after the transfer is complete. Raul maybe?


Last year Davor SUker almost joined us.....perhaps this season as well?
Sorry too burst your bubble some more, but Suker signed for West Ham
what a great day:):)
i could say we wil play at least semifinals next year in CL.
Galatasaray is not worse than your team though. now, actually i culd say we are stronger. We have Hagi, poescu, Capone, taffarel, Boksic, jardel, Okan(the little guy in Natinal team that runs everywhere, scored against italy, chosen one of the best midfield by uefa in euro) and even Hakan, if he doesnt leave.

Such quality players are together only in the Italian top teams:)
Jardel deserve more.I´m waiting to see if he will do it as good as he did these years in Porto.
I have my doubts Jardel will score as many goals in Turkey then he did over here. With players like Drulovic, Deco, Capucho, and previously Zahovic, its easy to see what excellent service he had. We played him as the lone striker and adapted our attack around him - If Gala don't do that they will not get as much out of him as we did.

This move will end in tears. If Jardel becomes unpopular with the Turks they will stone his car or something.

I BET you anything Porto get Galatasaray in their CL group - It happened with Zahovic & Olympiakos and these things always kick you in the teeth.

The Brazilian coach won't even look at Jardel now. Good thing Jardel aint Portuguese or I would really get angry!

Why couldn't Mario just of stayed with us - its the same type of club - same chance of getting into Brazil team - and he is in a Portuguese speaking country.

Can't wait to see Jardel speak Turkish. The only quality foreigners in Turkey are ex-stars, like Taffarel, Hagi, Kostadinov (previously), and now Boksic. But why Jardel??? CRAZY!! I THOUGHT JARDEL WAS CRAZY WHEN HE SAID WE COULD WIN CHAMPIONS LEAGUE - BUT NOW I KNOW HE REALLY IS CRAZY!!!

:( :( :( :(
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Dont worry taco, Turks wont stone his car, we are not as wild as you think:)

I also believe that he will be succesful. We had the same type af attacking system. We had hakan sukur instead of him.

It was hagi, Emre( the next hagi) and okan who supoorted him. he was with Arif just like in the national team. now its boksic who is as good.

I think he will like it a lot the life in turkey, Brazilians usually love it. Brazilian life style is close to Turkish. We have 3 of them in Gala, taffarel, capone and marcio and they all like it a lot.
Galatasary???I mean juventus or barcelona o.k but galatasary, he might as well stayed at porto i mean porto dont need the money so why the hell let him go.
Although u lot may not believe me im actually quite dissapointed to see him go as the portuguese league yet agains loses its best players.
i think porto will find it hard to replace him and as he scored half your goals this season i think u guys will not only struggle in the cl but also in the league...but hey with sporting and benfica also in turmoil at the moment u never know!
Money talks...
the are paying him $13.5 million for 4 years. Thats a lot of money!!

The deputy chairman of Galatasaray also said that Juve, inter and liverpool were interested in signing him, he chose us because we paid little more and MAINLY BECAUSE OF TAFFFAREL.
This is unbelievable. Just unbelievable.. Jardel must have the IQ of a slug :)
jardel in galatasaray

hey taco!what do u think of porto?u never had a success like galatasaray.u have no cups in europe although u had jardel.u have problems with turks but its your problem.gala is better than porto.do u think your league is better than us? u must be crazy.u have a vary bad league.we can always qualify against u.u have 2 teams porto and benfica.no other?we have a great league than u and this year good players will be in turkey.nouma,jardel,boksic...
soon hope to meet in cl and u will see...k u r an idiot .no brain.no knowledge about turks
No success? Actually, Porto has won the Champions league. Suck on that.
YEAH!! :D :cool: :p
HHAHAHAHAHAHAH u got RIPPED PORTO HAVE BEEN WORLD CHAMPIONS while your Turkish leauge **** have only won the UEFA cup a secondary cup...U couldn't do **** in the Champs LEAGUE let me remind u of


Is that a SOCCER SCORE ???

you can take your little UEFA (aka Useless) Cup....no one cares about the UEFA Cup, no one watches the UEFA Cup...I did not even know the day the UEFA Cup final was played.

Gala 0 Chelsea 5


I guarantee that jardel will not be half the player he was at Porto with Gala.
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