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Jardel is gone. doesnt mean porto sucks

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*just telling you right now Lost of spelling mistakes*

With The new reccrutes of Maric and Aleinitchev Porto are a stronger team then last year rember a few years ago when porto lost 3 of there top players (Baia, Emerson, Domingos) and the best manger, Bobby Robson they still came back on one the league, Aleinitchev all ready being regarded as the best number 10 in porto history will run the games and Maric who was HUGE in Croatia will be one main sorce of goals and you guys are forgeting somebody........ Domingos i know you guys hate him as much as we hate Joao Pinto but he will be in the top 3 in goals this year.

Next season is Unpradictable unlike the past 5 years where FCP killed the compation
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Maric could not even make the starting 11 in Newcastle.
I dont think hes that great.Jardel scored more than half Portos goals last year League and Cl.
maric was no where near the starting 11.
i don't think he started a single league game last season and was on the bench for about 2 league games.
even when newcastle were ravaged by injuries they played ketsbaia or even dyer up front ahead of maric.
How much did Porto pay for him?
2 million dollars.
And he´s gonna worth it.I hope.
no - £2m over $3m.
And he was on £36,000 a week wages, to my reckoning the 4th highest paid player in England - more than Owen, Beckham etc.

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ok 428 mil contos that´s what is on my newspaper.
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