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Jardel has signed for lazio

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First thing I would like to say is that Jardel didn't sign for Lazio ( ok maybe he did but as long as I know he didn't) but I wanted to make sure that all of you guys will read my post.

I am new here so I wanted to introduce myself because you are all posting here for a long time and you probably know a lot about each other.so let's go:
I am a LAZIALE for about three and a half years but I am only 15 so I think for me that is a long time.I live in Rijeka, Croatia and football club Rijeka is my first love.I am in love in Lazio since I started watching seria a.I love the city, the players, the fans...and everything that has something to do with lazio.
Weeks ago I finally get internet ( thanks to my parents...THANK YOUUU) so now I can start learning about the greatest team in the whole world...and I can also finally start post to this forum not just read your posts at my frinds computer.And as all of you I love all Lazio players but my favourite are: Miha, Deki, Nedved and Nesta.
And here is what I think about some of the hotest topics at this forum:

1.I think Rivaldo is Craganottis biggest mistake after that one with Vieri.I don't think selling four great players ( especially when one of them is Deki) to buy just one old player that now is maybe good but next year he could be crap is going to help us.....and I also think that Rivaldo is not so good as people belive he is it is all about media..in my country every month on first page of every ****ing sport magazine is his ugly face..and with this kinda money we could buy somebody better: crespo, batigol, figo, toldo, vieri-back....
2. I think that lopez was I good shot from crag....and also we should keep salas and buy zamorano...ok ok I know all of you will laugh to that but do you remember how good were they when they played together in Chile...and you all said that he needs a good partner...maybe they are both in little crises now but sooner or latter they will be back and then ( and that could be soon) it would be great have them both in the same team...having salas-zamorano is like having sheva-rebrov and that meens GREAT

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I like your opinions but personally I don´t think Zamorano is good enough for a first team place in Lazio although, it looks interesting...
I would like to see these attackers in Lazio next season:

Palermo, Inzaghi, Salas, Lopez

See ya!

Forza Lazio
Just one thing, Girlpower!?
Hello and welcome!, :)-
I agree with some of your opinions about Rivaldo. I don't think Lazio should become overloaded with overpaid foreign superstars who with salaries like some of them have might not be too bothered with giving everything for their team and fighting until the very end no matter what. I'm not saying this has happened and I am not criticising any players in particular but I think building up a team of well known superstars could encounter problems. That is why it is important to keep players like Almeyda who I think is one of the most valuable players to Lazio.

Salas & Zamorano ....I think those days are over!

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what do you mean with girlpower????
GIRL POWER...I am a girl...so that is what I meant
One question who's gonna pay the internet bill you or your parents?
I'm sorry but that is absolute rubbish! Rivaldo is not over-rated. He's superb. He's got everything...shooting,passing,dribbling,fliar,balance,EVERYTHING.

Secondly, why will Rivaldo be crap next year? What is your reasoning behind that?

Last of all, Lazio shouldn't sign Zamorano because he'll be 34 years old or something and there are better, younger strikers around. If Lazio are buying Claudio Lopez (another forward), there will be Salas, S.Inzaghi and C.Lopez. What's wrong with that? Lopez will be superb. I watch the Primera Liga a lot and he's quality!! There's also players like Hasselbaink or Makkay who would be better than Ivan (old-man) Zamorano. Maybe Lazio could swoop on some Brazilian talent such as Reinaldo or Dodo?? Both of these have had a good, good seasons.
Welcome indeed !
I agree with you about Rivaldo but Zamorano is too old. We have Ravanelli and Lombardo as old guys and what are we doing with them ?

It's also good that we have atleast one girl.
Right boys ?
Welcome, plus thanks for igniting some fun, the "girlpower-explain what you mean by girlpower-I'm a girl" - string gave some good entertainment.

Plus, Emir my friend, I know you have forbidden it (the "strictly only Lazio" rule, which is a mistake, when you ask me, check the brazilian forum), I break the rule now by telling:

I think Rijeka is a very nice city :)
Hi girlpower...

u r not the newest what about me.i like yuor way in explaining the case.i agree with u about rivaldo i think we have juan sebastian veron who is better than him.

;) :) ;) :)c ya
it would have been great to have salas and zamorano in 98 but now bam bam is a bit old 33. But i think we could have bought zamorano instead of ravanelli he could have also played in the cl
but thats the past now

bam bam is out of contact so he would be cheap....thats a plus but i think if we were to buy him he would do a lot of bench warming but could help as a coach on the field like mancini

but i think bam bam is too old now!!

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