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j'ai envie de crier, ahhhhhhhhhh

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je viens de passer 2 heures sur word à taper un super long courrier qui me prend la tête en plus. et vous savez pas ce que j'ai fait?!!!
je me suis plantée, j'ai ouvert un nouveau document au lieu de sauvegarder.
je crois que si j'en avais je me les boufferais tellement je suis énervée!!!
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i found it!!
it couldn't have wanished like that.
i made a reseach of fichier and it was there:)

i'm so happy!
cool dog, it's a husky?
Yes. By far my favourite breed of dog. I'd love to own one some day, but it demands a lot of responsibility on the part of its owner. Now is not the time.

What you posted, I'm not sure. Is it a chocolate?

Edit. Ah yes, the answer is in the link. I've tried eclairs, they're so smooth.
those dog need a lot of exercices, they must run a lot.

it's my favourite dessert : éclair au chocolat. i would have sent one to you if only it could stand the trip:)
i tested it with vanilla, i didn't like it dispite i like this flavor.
I do like Vanilla coke, but the one with cherrry is just horrible.

My favorite dessert :

poire belle hélène. hmmmmmmmmmm
It's funny. On MSN my name reads "Jeff | Vanilla Coke is great". Shortly afterwards two of my contacts messaged me, "Vanilla Coke is shit" and "Vanilla Coke is crap". :D
I have this memory of childhood when we'd dine at Sizzler, which is an all-you-can-eat restaurant. There was a very nice dessert but what I remember is that I'd eat so many, I'd set a personal record for myself. It's silly, but at times I'd eat them mainly to beat my record, which was something like 14 desserts.
ouch!! 14?
didn't you feel? :yuck:
What meal is that?
think to the present i made to you and you will guess;)
legs frogs are delicious, i assure to you.
ask to rihana, she certainly tasted them.
too bad you are too far from me, i would have cooked some for you:)

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i never saw him miss one.
I never seen myself pull it off. I'd always tangle my feet.

Have you ever tried the roulette? :D
yes, i do it perfectly, i'm a zizounette:D
I remember this interview with Zizou. At first he was shy, holding his hands in his lap. But as time elapsed, he grew more relaxed, his hand movements no longer stiff but instead loose and expressive. Reminds me of myself, actually.
zizou is very very shy. he is afraid to talk. on canal plus, he has to make comments, it's charming the way he is embarassed sometimes:)
I'm looking at the websites of some French restaurants in Melbourne. The first was high class, great food, but way out of our price range.
that is abused frankly, because nothing in french food justify high prices. unless you ask for "truffe" or "foie gras".
if i explain to you what it is and how it's made, you will be disgusted:)
but that's delicious with a white wine called "sauternes"
eh jeff, knowing you, you are certainly googleling right now:D
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