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April 21, 2002
MIAMI (Ticker) --

Jack Warner successfully survived a challenge to his CONCACAF presidency, defeating Edgar Codesal by a vote of 36-2 Saturday night at the Executive Committee meeting here.

Codesal, who initially was barred from seeking the post because he was a paid employee of CONCACAF, was allowed to run after a special vote by the executive committee was made in "the interests of transparency."

(That transparency did not extend to members of the media, who were barred from the proceedings.)

In the end, only Mexico, Codesal's home federation, and El Salvador, cast votes for the challenger.

On the surface, the Codesal affair would seem to be just another bit of politicking; however, it was an affair that still has repercussions: it has resulted in a lawsuit filed by FIFA General Secretary Michael Zen-Ruffinen against the Federation after a bitter campaign of words.

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