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Man of the Match?

J8 ~ Recreativo 1-1 Valencia

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Recreativo de Huelva (18) vs Valencia Club de Fútbol (1)

Sunday 10/26 l 16:00 GMT

Renan Brito

Miguel ----- Albiol --- Alexis ----- Moretti

Albelda ----- Fernandes

Joaq/Pablo ------------------ Juan Mata

Angulo --- Villa

Bench Options: Marchena, del Horno, Edu, Baraja, Joaq/Pablo, Vicente, Morientes, Zigic, Guaita.
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motherfcuking albiol is playing like last seasons albiol! sort it out amigo!
how did villa score? i missed the goal
mata is poor today :(
cross by joaquin, nice header from mata followed by an even nicer save by the goalie, villa finished it off from 1 meter
Kaizer getting ready!
mata should've done better then
that freekick didn't go to plan lol
Miguel definitely should take shooting class.
Ahh Miguel ffs very bad shot...

10 mins come on!
Miguel that was pathetic
yeah, miguel needs shooting coach

edit: lol, i must have late stream :D
of ffs miguel you smoky assed mother! should be 2-1
Where is Malki when you need him:D?
Where is Malki when you need him:D?
so is renan
Bleh, it figures my viewership jinxed it.
:( should've been 3
81 - 100 of 144 Posts
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