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Man of the Match?

J8 ~ Recreativo 1-1 Valencia

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Recreativo de Huelva (18) vs Valencia Club de Fútbol (1)

Sunday 10/26 l 16:00 GMT

Renan Brito

Miguel ----- Albiol --- Alexis ----- Moretti

Albelda ----- Fernandes

Joaq/Pablo ------------------ Juan Mata

Angulo --- Villa

Bench Options: Marchena, del Horno, Edu, Baraja, Joaq/Pablo, Vicente, Morientes, Zigic, Guaita.
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Moretti and renan you fukin idiots!
i think mata is doing worse than joaquin
we will definitely lose this game for 2:0 or 3:0 if we keep playing like this
I hate it when Albelda thinks he is a playmaker
1-1. VILLA! Credit to Joaquin there great cross.
gol de villa
best think joaq has done all day
This Recre goalie is pretty good. Too bad for him that the whole team around him sucks.
oh god grandpa
at least he didnt take off g-force
even if we win, we need to up the performance on away games
draw is still a failure!

the hottest man in valencia-Baraja is on!
61 - 80 of 144 Posts
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