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Man of the Match?

J8 ~ Recreativo 1-1 Valencia

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Recreativo de Huelva (18) vs Valencia Club de Fútbol (1)

Sunday 10/26 l 16:00 GMT

Renan Brito

Miguel ----- Albiol --- Alexis ----- Moretti

Albelda ----- Fernandes

Joaq/Pablo ------------------ Juan Mata

Angulo --- Villa

Bench Options: Marchena, del Horno, Edu, Baraja, Joaq/Pablo, Vicente, Morientes, Zigic, Guaita.
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Unai will be aiming for our eight win in a row in all competitions and our best start in History. I think the above formation is what he'll go with but I'm hoping for this:

Renan Brito

Miguel ----- Albiol --- Alexis ----- Moretti

Marchena ----- Fernandes

Pablo ---------- Joaquin ------- Juan Mata

David Villa​

Anything not to start Angulo really and I don't think Morientes is up to start a grueling away game, as isn't the injury friendly Vicente. Joaquin has shown that he can play well off Villa with those through passes, so why not, plus it'll take him away from the frustration of the right wing where he's having a lot of problems.
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Why? Are you in some sort of fantasy league? :D If so, then depending and betting on Vicente is a bad, bad choice man :pp

But to answer your question, yes there is a chance even though Unai doesn't like to start him as he's more used as an impact player in the second half, these days.
Nope not in a fantasy league, just that the old Vicente on form, was a joy to watch and one of my favourite players. Would be great to see him get over his injuries for once, as he was a one man attack down the left when on full flow, just superb.
My formation though it would never happen. :pp


Kinda like what Barca did last week. Putting 3 CM/DMs in an away match. I'd like to see Fernandes given more freedom in attack.
You're bringing El Bloque back? :D That's not only El Bloque, but that's "El Boque +1" guest starring Fernandes :dielaugh:
Albelda should not be benched.

We have to show that we value form.
I guess somebody must be suing you atm..

I agree but at the same time he needs to be rested as he's pushing the other side of 30 now and Marchena needs playing time.

We can't play him week in week out, imo.
Pablo ---------- Joaquin ------- Juan Mata
Stop trying to make it work Mestalla ;)
this is called "rotation", not bench. At least give Machena some play time in the second half. I like wannastop's formation. I think it'll work better than Joaquin in the middle. Plus, Machena sometimes can do a little wonder you know.
Stop trying to make it work Mestalla ;)

Seriously, we should do everything necessary to make it work. Otherwise that's just 24M Euros down the drain :D
Maybe you could figure out a way for Vicente and Mata to play on the left wing at the same time...
Are you suggesting we kick out Moretti??

That's a crime and you know it.
I think its time for Vicente to start. Put him on the left, Mata behind Villa and one of the two useless dinks on the right. one of the three if you count Angulo.

And why is firefox telling me i misspell everything? i am not!
Start Pablo? Fcuk no, we can't play bad players, we are just about to take on the football world and have tostart showing it.


Btw, we won't win this game, i see a 2-1 defeat. :(
Vicente probably deserves a start more than anyone else, as he hasn't started a game since we played Maritimo at home, and we never know when he will suffer the frustration of being out again. Still, can he handle 90 minutes or come through unscathed?

LCF said:
Btw, we won't win this game, i see a 2-1 defeat.
I have a bad feeling about this game too because we traditionally struggle against easy opposition when we play away. But I think we'll come away with either a draw or a close win. I can't see us conceding two goals because of our defence, and how basically the whole team covers and helps the backline.

If we want to win this one, then our midfielders have to create enough for our forwards which is a big responsibility on Manelele and that's why it's a better to start Marchena as opposed to Albelda in midfield, so he can help Manuel out offensively.

Or if Unai is going for counter attacking tactics again, then we need to be extra quick on the break, imo.
Malaga thrashed them 4-0. We can do the same!
We should win. Recre have been awful at home this term; a draw and two defeats, including 0-4 against Malaga. Malaga ffs.

wannastop's formation interests me... El Bloque and Fernandes: we be impenetrable!
Hmmm, didn't know their results so far, so good news.

Damn, really hope we can win again. :D

7 out of 8. :angel:

Then after that a home game, could be another win. Come on. :D
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