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I've had it with the transfers!

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I am about to explode because all the roumors, sales and byes we are making!

I tired of Craigs talking about a great present to Lazio fans by bying Crespo! Cant the man understand that we dont want him for that price!

And now we are throing in Concecao in the deal once againg!!! And thats after Craigs has said that he is not for sale and according to the player he dont now anything and dont want to move!!!

This is totally madness and i wouldnt want to be a Lazio player today!!! You wouldnt now a thing about anything... One day will stay and the next you leaving and the third day you have to read the papers to know what are going to happen to you!!!

Today i've had with the transfer thing... I could be a good season but at what cost? Seeing Salas and Conceaco in differet Serie A teams will make my heart bled...

This stinks!
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Totally agree!

I understand your rage perfectly well, Jonas, because that's how I feel about it, too. It gets more and more tiring and frustrating each day, doesn't it? There are just too much deals-inside-deals that affecting the transfer deals!
:(:(first we are loosing Almeyda,then maybe Salas,now Conceicao,finally Veron to madrid(who knows,this is a crazy transfer):mad::mad:
Conceicao leaves 'n will be replaced by zenden:confused:
now i really hate crespo:mad::mad::mad:
Just want to say one thing :

I AM :mad:
Come on people !!!
ok, who is not sorry that Conceicao and Almeyda are leaving but we get Crespo, a striker that finally can assure us 20+ goals (if he plays the whole season wihtout injuries of course) from one single player. It hasn't happened since the days of Signori !

To get something you have to pay, and sometimes your favorite player has to leave, too bad but this is football !
And as long as my team looks strongeer and stronger I won't complain, because I support LAZIO !!!!

Cragnotti is not stupid, and he wants Lazio to be the best. Trust him, he has been right every time so far !


First of all i want to thank Menul for the support and for that we are thinking in the same way! Feels good to know that you arent alone!

When i am writing this i have understood that Crespo is ours but the joy feels strange because the way we got him dont satisfied me!

To Mattias:
I will say one thing first of all: What about Vieri? he could have scored at least 25 goals for us if it had'nt been for his injuries!

I don't see Lazio being better cause we are losing one of the best rightwings there is and we can inclued the fact that Salas is leaving to in this because he shuld probably stayed if ´the Crespo deal was brought up!

we are losing to great players with the will to play for Lazio, The fact that salas has changed his mind about playing in Lazio is easy top understand if you ask me...

The fact that we are collecting these argentinars are also a big minus and will not make us better because we will miss half the team when Argentina playes and we also could get a disharmoni in the squad...

And yes Mattias, Craig is stupid to buy Crespo at that price!!!

And if you are unsure... I support Lazio!

Finally, dont take this replay in the wrong way... We just have different opions about this! No hard feelings?
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Vieri didn't have to score 25 goals for Lazio, he scored almost every time and he was great all the time ! :)
He was injured the first months of the season and that was too bad for him because he could have won the top scorer title. Inter made a bid for Vieri, who wanted a new challenge and how could Cragnotti say no to those money ? And when Lazio sold Vieri to Inter and Lazio got Simeone, what do you think of that deal today ? I would say GREAT because we got money to buy Veron and S. Inzaghi and we got Simeone who was vital in the race for the league title this season.

I am very happy about this Crespo deal because now the risk that Lazio is going to play great but not score on the 10000 of chances that the attackers get during a game is minimal. This season we could play great but not win because our attackers were not good enough. I like Salas a lot, but everyone has a limit. For example I like ***** a lot, but I don't expect from him to receive the gold ball as best football player in the world. That's unrealistic, just as unrealistic as to see Salas score 25 goals in one season (but he is great anyway ! :) ).

What I mean with the sentence, "I support Lazio" is that I think that we should look at the team more than at the single players that leaves or arrives. We needed a new keeper (although Marchegiani is very good, he is not world class), and Cragnotti bought a fantastic keeper. Our attack was the our weak link during the whole season, but we are lucky to have so many scoring midfielders and defenders. :)
Next season we have C. Lopez and Crespo in the attack, you never know if they are going to succeed but for sure it looks more promissing than Salas-Inzaghi (with all the respect for these two great players) !

On the midfield we lost Almeyda (he wanted to leave so why stop him?), and then Conceicao who is a fantastic right wing. No one will be able to replace Conceicao, and even if we get Zenden he is not as good as Conceicao. Maybe we loose some quality on the midfield, but in the attack the quality is much higher that last season, so if we look at the whole team I think that the quality is better and more promissing that last season ! :)


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The fact that we now have two great strikers like Claudio López and Crespo means that we can win matches even when we don´t playn good. Vieri is according to me the best striker in the world! But I would have sold him too. For those kind of money. We got Simeone insted. And his goal against Juventus was the most importent one this season.

Salas is good. But Crespo is great! Salas will never score more than 15 in one season. Both Crespo and El Piojo can score 20+!:D
i 100% agree with Mattias on every issue.

Trust Cragnotti. He brought us the winning team and trust him to bring as even a better team.


oh nonono, argentina, they can stop us. PARMA CAN ! they have conceicao and almeyda, remember :mad:
Vola Crespo!!

Mattias! Great thinking!! We needed a great attacker and that is who we got now. You can also see my opinion about Crespo in response for "Zamorano..Jugovic who we should get..." thread. Zenden worries me a little, but his role hopefully will be significantly less than the one Crespo is going play. I am tired of team possesing the ball, creating the chances and not scoring. AND THANK YOU VERY MUCH SERGIO CONCEISAO!!! YOU DID GREAT!! WE WILL ALWAYS REMEMBER YOU!!
Maybe we can buy him back next season !!!??? :))
To Mattias:

Well, here i go again ( E-type anyone?)

Abot the Vieri deal: When he was sold i was totally furious like all the rest of us Lazio fans but today i cant say anything else that i was a G R E A T thing to do... By the way... Have i said anything about that deal at all in this topic? Maybe a strange question you gave to me Mattias but it's fine because i was going to come to that point right now anyway!

The outcome of the Vieri deal in the main resen for my thinking about the Crespo deal...
I think it was Svennis who rote " Last year we smoked Inter and now Parma smokes us"...i was something like that...

By this i think that Craig should have understood that makeing a deal like this is stupid, He should think of how much he made last year in the Vieri deal and not make a mistake like that when he known how it ended up for Inter... It looks like Craig dont think of the past and lern if you ask me, than he should'nt do this crazy deal... in fact, he should not even thought about it!

I cant say that our team will be weaker but all the money spending and the Argentin conection can be a huge backslash for us in the future...
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You speak like you alerady know the result of this deal .... I can only say that to me it looks great to have an attacker of highest class. Too bad we don't have Conceicao anymore and I wish him good luck at Parma, but that's it !

We have Crespo but we had to give Conceicao away... to me it sounds great !
to others it sounds crazy !


I've never had anything against Crespo. He's a good player, I think he made some very unique and high-quality goals when he was playing in Parma last season. And I'd give him a warm welcome IF ONLY he didn't make some of the squad's important players go. I just hope that he's gonna prove it that he's worth that much... Well, he'd better be!

About Cragnotti... not that I don't trust him or anything, but I'm beginning to think that the guy doesn't have any respect whatsoever to his players at all! Conceciao and Almeyda had done so much for the team, and trading the two of them (along with some piles of money) made them look cheap, don't you think?

But anyway... I'm still gonna support Lazio next season.

PS: You are welcome, Jonas! :)
To Mattias:

Well, i speak for what t h i n k can happen and that is based on my own opions and then also some facts taken from other transfers and happenings in the crazy soccer world!

Buti can have totally wrong on this one and so on... We'll just have to wait and see... Maybe Crespo dont turn up in Rome to the Autum, a lot can still happen!
i admire Lazio for the transfers...there is only one mistake,,,Zenden......well he had a great Euro maybe because of the summer or something...but do you guys remember the semi finall against Valencia...especially in the second game...he sucked like ****, actually more than ****..well he might prove me wrong but right now i am not so worried about him
I agree 100%, Jonas L!! I've had it with transfer topics for the past
two months!!

You should have read my topic at the 'Flamers Paradise' a few weeks
ago. Rest assured you're not alone here!!
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