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I know some of you think I am being drastic, but I think it is time to spend big for next season. Now is the time because so many good players are looking for new clubs. Most of all we need strikers and maybe one or two more good defenders. Starting with strikers, Inzaghi must leave. I have been saying that for a two seasons now and everyone is telling me that i am an idiot. Now maybe you have realised. Crespo would be a great replacement and plus we have a great striker who should have started every game instead of Inzaghi in Kovacevic. That would mean that we would have two big classy strikers. Then we should trade Inzaghi with maybe Salas plus money or even Montella because Del Piero is the only small playmaker kind of a player upfront. And most likely we are getting Cassano who is young but will learn how to play when he sees these players like Del Piero and Crespo. We have O'Neill who is a class player. All we need is another class defender. Does anyone know of any leaving certain clubs? What's your opinion?


i think juve squad wont enough for 3 competition next year..juve must buy 1 great defender,2 - superb midfielder like figo,beckham.one super striker .may be salas good one for juve,he is a real figher that juve realy need..delpiero and inzaghi dont fear opposition teams defenders..if juve wont buy a strong attacker,they dont won anything next year too.
next year no referee wont save juve..
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