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After watching the world cup and the catastrophic way in which our team got knocked out, I hope that Milan and the rest of the Serie A and Serie B teams will seriously decrease their investment in players from other countries.
We have to push for the promotion of our youth sytems and stop wasting so much money on foreign players who prevent our young players from growing.

For example, Rui Costa. why did we waste so much money on the man when Pirlo is so much better ? there is no logic to this. Pirlo has the potential to become a world class play maker, but for that to happen he has to play !
We have so many young talents who just don't get a chance. Italy have dominated the under 21 tournaments over the last few years and it's a shame that alot of young players get benched out because of over-priced and over-rated foreigners.

We have to close down the gates. I'm not being racist (god forbid !!!). I'm honestly worried about the future of Italian football.

Another big problem is the Italian coaches. once considered as the best in the world, today our coaches have repeatedly failed in international club competitions and lost alot of credit. our coaches must understand that football has changed and they must move forward and catch up.

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