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Its over!!!!!!!! Brazil wins 3-1

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I cant believe this....Once again, Brazil has whooped argentina....Argentina's hype got showed up its own ass!! haha

All you idiots...show yourself...czar, tazz etc...haha...

Ze...everyone laughed at you when you said 4-1...haha...who is laughing now...it was pretty close...from what I heard, brazil deserved to win atleast 4-1...haha...

hopefully, brazil keeps this up!!!!

Reports please...
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great performance.
and now if you look at the match you realise that
zago setted up alex for the first goal and ronaldinho set up both vampetas goals.
and all these four players didnt play in the match againdt paraguay.
anyways enjoy the party and those arrogant argentinians i dont think we r gonna see them around here for a week or so.
VIVA BRASIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ZE, LETS CELEBRATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Congrats, to all Brazilian fans. You were clear winners tonight. We saw a motivated and inspired Brazilian performance tonight. Well done! We'll see you in Buenos Aires for what should be another great match :)

PS: tonyp3, there isn't any reason to be rude. You shouldn't call anybody an idiot, just because your team won an important match. Humility, is an important virtue. Grow up! Besides, your team is four points behind Argentina, yes even with this victory, we are still leading the pack.

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a wonderful performance by everybody, including luxemburgo.

first, the lineup was great, with the a good mix of attackers and midfielders. vampeta and antonio carlos had two of the best performances i have seen by a brazilian in YEARS!! antonio carlos showed he is a PERFECT choice for captain. he was all over the place, made so many excellent tackles on both sides of the field.

and just like i told you guys: if you put alex and ronaldinho gaucho in the team, you will win! it's that simple. alex + ronaldinho = victory.

alex scored the first goal on a well-placed header after a delightful left-foot pass by antonio carlos. alex played a big role in the second goal, when he dribbled thru a guy's legs, passed to vampeta, got the ball back and fired a bomb at the arg goal that knocked the goalie back -- and vampeta put the rebound right in the far corner. for the third goal, ronaldinho played with the ball in front of THREE arg defenders, and a nice pass to vampeta, who expertly tucked it in the back of the net after dribbling a guy. MARVELOUS PERFORMANCE.

luxemburgo was good: made nice moves with alex and ronaldinho in the starting lineup. put cesar sampaio on at just the right time, with about 15 minutes remaining, so he could calm down the midfield and defense. also, the move to bring in marques was successful, because he did some nice attacking and crossing and had a shot that the goalie saved against the post.

luxemburgo still has a job!

the team played with passion from the first minute and never stopped. alex ALWAYS was looking for the goal, same for ronaldinho (although ronaldinho was not too good overall). vampeta made some excellent runs from midfield and deserved to have two goals; he was excellent. the defenders beside antonio carlos was effective and did a lot to start the attack. emerson made GREAT tackles when he had to and did not foul too much. rivaldo was a piece of crap. roberto carlos was good and had a nice swerving free kick that caused some trouble.

please, luxemburgo, keep the same lineup for the next game!!!
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well it's normal for brasil to win, they were under pressure
and the should win at any cost or they may be in very big trouble, actually i'm argentina fan but brasil played better
they deserve to win the match, but they have to wait for
the away match in argentina, besides argentinas still on top
and u can't say brasil is better than argentina even they beat them , cause they lost to paraguay too !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and at the end who will leads the qialifying games
and wc 2002 will show who is the best
congratulations Brazilians
I think this formationis a good one U should Stick to It

Our Deffence was sloppy today not to mention the 3-4-2-1
formation that we used was a Biiiiiig mistake.

Ur attackers did what they did because U controled the midfield ...Anyways..I hope Redondo will be playing for us in The chocolate Box the next match.
bu the way tony , don't say idiot about argentines
cause idiots who loose against paraguway !!!!!!!1
i wouldn't say brazil is better than argentina. this was only one game. brazil barely beat ecuador and peru and then lost to paraguay, so there's no way they are better than argentina right now.

but if brazil can play with this lineup (vampeta, emerson, alex, ronaldinho, roque junior) and the same passion, then the next 12 games will be very different from the first five.
fouad caruzo =wissam
Alex - Seus dez primeiros minutos foram mágicos. Fez um gol que deu tranqüilidade ao time, foi responsável direto pelo segundo, segurou um pouco mais os argentinos na defesa e ainda deu espetáculo em alguns momentos. 8

Dida - Sem culpa no gol de Almeida. Muito mal nas saídas de bola, fez uma boa defesa no final da partida. 5

Evanílson - Não se intimidou com a responsabilidade de substituir Cafu e fez boa partida. Apoiou com consistência e não comprometeu na defesa. 7

Antônio Carlos - Deu o passe para o gol de Alex, gritou com o time mas deu umas bobeadas na zaga. Melhorou no segundo tempo. 7

Roque Júnior - Não deu passe para o gol de ninguém e ainda se complicou na zaga. 4

Roberto Carlos - Voluntarioso como sempre. Na defesa, deixou os espaços de sempre. Melhorou no segundo tempo. 6

Emerson - O grande responsável pela marcação no meio campo. Jogou para o time e não deixou furos. 7

Vampeta - Marcou um gol de raça, fez outro de bico e garantiu a vitória brasileira. Ainda teve fôlego para caçar a bola - e os argentinos - o campo inteiro. Quando precisou, soube segurar a bola. 8

Zé Roberto - Simplesmente não entrou no jogo. Saiu (merecidamente) no segundo tempo. 4

Marques - Entrou no lugar de Zé Roberto e foi mais produtivo para a equipe. Deu trabalho a Ayala e, no final do jogo, ainda acertou uma bola na trave. 7

César Sampaio - Entrou no lugar de Alex quando a vitória já estava assegurada e reforçou a marcação brasileira. 5

Ronaldinho Gaúcho - Mostrou o futebol abusado e ofensivo que o levou à Seleção. E provou que tem vaga certa no time de Wanderley. Para azar do treinador, levou cartão amarelo e está fora da partida contra o Chile. 8

Rivaldo - Não ficou muito à vontade no ataque. Prendeu um pouco demais a bola, mas ainda assim produziu boas jogadas. Foi visto até na área brasileira, ajudando a zaga.

Bonano - Sem culpa nos gols, por pouco não engole um frango. 6
Ayala - Confundiu-se com a velocidade dos brasileiros por seu lado da zaga. 4

Samuel- Tentou conter Ronaldinho a todo custo, mas não foi muito bem na missão. 4

Sensini - Bem na marcação. 5

Zanetti - Jogou pouco, saiu contundido. 4

Almeida - Fez o gol de honra argentino. 6

Simeone - Jogou com as conhecidas garra e catimba. 5

Verón - Arriscou alguns chutes a gol. 6

Ortega - Responsável pelos melhores momentos da Argentina. 7

G. López - Substituiu - mal - Ortega. 4

K. González - Foi muito ao ataque, deixou espaço em suas costas. 4

Sorín - Entrou em seu lugar e não resolveu o problema. 4

Crespo - Não esteve bem, mas mostrou que é perigoso. 5

Cláudio López - Mal no ataque, perdeu várias chances. 4
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Brazil is still world Champion !!!!1
Brazil won the game with Argentina. ~

Brazil will get the world cup 2002 !!

it was happiness for me to see Ronaldo. ^^
Ronaldo will go to MLS ???
And im glad to see Brazil in fantastic game!good job and just keep it on,its something different picture of brazil with this perfect with full motivation guys/vampeta,alex,ronaldinho):D
I predicted 2-1 to the Brazilians, but hey, they won, they went one better 3-1 :):):)

YAHOO!!! Brazil's going to the World Cup :)
well guys don't get too happy about it just yet, Brazil is still four point short off the top. I really enjoyed to hear Brazil beat Argentina, since arg really need some good lesson. but this should not be the only good win for Brazil, i only hope this form could continue.
ronaldinho-alex is the next good striker partnership to come out of barazil after
Show your face, TAZZ! Where are you? And what do you have to say now? When we go to Argentina, your team will get more of the same punishment. First place does not belong to you for very long. Remember: The cream always rises to the top!!! Brazil showed last night who is the cream of South America.

Was Zanetti really hurt or did he want to leave early so he would not be on the field for the end of the massacre?

I just got onto the net. Thatis why i haven't responded yet bro.

You know i have no shame whatsoever......:):):)


I didn't actually watch the game but i watched a highlights package and read it on the net and seemed like we gota good hiding....:)

Anyway its gonna be a different stroy in B.A.

As for Zanetti's absence...don't blame Zanetti or Batigol i think it is just a matter of being out classed on the day.
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batigol who?

yes, tazz, i saw the game, and you are right. you were thoroughly outclassed. it was boys playing against men.

ortega disappeared. same for crespo and lopez. veron? he was cancelled out by the great emerson. your defense was not too bad, actually, but you made a few terrible mistakes: leaving alex WIDE OPEN for an uncontested header 1-0, allowing vampeta to get to the rebound of alex's outside-the-area blast first 2-0 and allowing ronaldinho to mesmerize you and pass the ball outside three defenders to vampeta, who dribbled another defender for 3-1. other than that, you can hold your head up, ha, ha, ha.

bow to you master, tazz.

at the game, i saw a sign with a brazil flag that said, "don't cry for me argentina!" and that was BEFORE the game started. there was another sign that said, "we have pele, ronaldo and samba." enough said!
Caruzo, Learn about footabll before you comment on the best forum of xtratime
Argentina is top but htey have to play PARAGUAY (best defense of the continent) they play URUGAY (always tough0 and they still ahve to play the nightmare PERU , who always take pints of Argentina.
If we are first or second it does not mattter no more, what matter is taht we beat you guys, VAMPETA, A CARLOS , DIDA, and ALEX were simply BRILLIANT!!!:)
beating argentina is equivalnet to a good phuck with a beautiful women!:):):)
people said the cost of the game was 500 million or something? i got different prices on my accounting book

BRASIL SHIRT : $1,000,000,000,000,000.00
CAR PARK: $5.00

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