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Don't be ridicualous guys, he's not finished at Inter. He certainly won't be if he goals like he did last season. I don't see any reason why Seedorf can't play WITH Pirlo as he did with Raul at Real Madrid.

Remember this formation :

Mijatovic Suker


Redondo Seedorf

Why not this :

Vieri Recoba/ Ronaldo/ Salas


Farinos/ Di Biagio Seedorf

Anyone who thinks Seedorf has no role to play in a top side (eg Holland) should watch his performance in centrer mid. with Edgar Davids in their friendly against Germany. Both won the ball from German midfielders and then took it in turns to attack.

Seedorf has the pace and strength to cover and win the ball AND the natural talent to create

In short he's got a future and I think its gonna be with Inter.
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