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Man, it feels like ages since I've posted anything...whoa! Hahahaha, busy semesters--aren't they grand? (Those of you who are in university should know the feeling)

Anyway, while I haven't had much time until now to post, I've been looking at the posts and I'm very encouraged at how negative the reactions to the racism in the Curva Nord's been. I'm really happy that there are many more Laziali out there who are as worried about the club's image as I amy and who want this BIG problem taken care of...we have a WORLD-class team, it's about time that our fans developed the image of being world-minded. Those of us who are anti-hooliganism and anti-racist, let's keep fighting to see the day when there will be no more banners honoring Arkan or no more monkey noises being directed at black players from the Curva Nord.

P.S.--Let's hope that Parma can do the business for us next week!!! 2 points, y'all!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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