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It's Do or Die!!! Lazio---INTER

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this is the last game of the season and the decisive match...after beating piacenza at home 3-1, i think that we should have more confidence going into this match and play our best players...if i m not mistaken, we will have nobody get suspended for this game...i don't know about injuries but i hope everyone can play...
damn, i can't wait for this game...COME ON, INTER!!! BEAT LAZIO!!! :fero:

our lineup against lazio should be like this...


Forza INTER!!! Win the Scudetto next sunday, baby!!! :cool:
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I agree Carson......

If Inter dont win i will die and if Inter win i will get a heart attack and die aswell:D.

Ronaldo and Vieri must do it and Vieri was really poor today i hope he has something saved for Lazio.....

Com'on Inter you can do it;).
just one more game..we just need one more win...damnit...please win this one...i don't care who scores but we need to win the damn game... :fero:

Juventus 68
Roma 67
Milan 52
Bologna 52
Chievo 51
Lazio 50
Atalanta 45
Torino 43
Perugia 43
Parma 41
Udinese 40
Piacenza 39
Verona 39
Brescia 37
Lecce 28
Fiorentina 22
Venezia 18

last games:

Chievo - Atalanta
Brescia - Bologna
Perugia - Fiorentina
Lazio - Inter
Udinese - Juventus
Milan - Lecce
Torino - Roma
Parma - Venezia
Piacenza - Verona

next week Milan play against Lecce...when Milan scores couple of early goals, then Lazio players spine will snap and they will let us WIN, but if they dont...we will win them anyway..we dont need help.:)

Forza INTER per sempre!!!
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don't be scared.lazio shhit will give you the prize.:mad:
Well since we have virtually no chance of making the CL anymore I hope you guys win. Good luck.
Any players suspended for this game !
Cordoba ??
Gresko ??
these two were booked in the Piacenza game !!!!

Liverani will miss this game !!
All this season lies on this one game.........

We all hoped (well almost all) that we gonna win the Scudetto and to throw away the UEFA CUP.....

This away game versus Lazio is sooooo important.....Maybe the most important game for the last 13 years !!!!

For many supporters....Juve,Milan,Roma.....they regard Inter as a laughingstock......what a disgrace for one of the best clubs in the WORLD !!!!

We haven't win the Scudetto for a long longggg time......This is our time.......We need to win PERIOD !!

There's no tommorow.....There's no better chance !!!

Forza Inter......
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Don't worry, we'll make sure you win the scudetto!!!
The ladders are ready just in case our players try to do anything stupid, so you can relax, we have you covered!!!
It's going to be a big party at the stadio olimpico di Roma next week, Laziali and Interisti mixed in together enjoying what should be a beautiful day for you and for us!!!
If you want to chat with us just come visit us as at ourLazio Forum as we prepare for the final celebrations!!!

and rubentus MMERDA!!!

Ronaldo&Vieri: You're pretty well covered with Inter, Arsenal, Dortmund, Barca AND Real aren't you :tongue: .

Please stop that laughing stock thing. INter was the laughing stock for years, but I don't see anyone laughing this season. Inter being a laughing stock has been worse on this forum than anywhere because everyone here knew Inter underperformed too.

Whoever wins deserve it this season. It's too tight to say anything else.

Big games next week- I'll be biting my nails all the way up to my shoulders :).

Glen, you can stop biting your nails, we have big plans for next week, and in those plans I don't see anything that has to do with rubentus winning the scudetto, it looks more like a white and blue sky with blue and black mixed in!!!

hehe Cecco do u really think the commision would let you get away with that??I mean they wouldnt forfeit the game for Inter if it was intentionally done by laziale and of course doin something like this requires balls which i doubt u have;)
Denis, read his post;)

If fans get out on the pitch, and make a mess out of the game...?
i dont understand what your saying aca, if lazio have the game won and the fans run onto the pitch do you think theyll give Inter the win???I sincerely doubt it, id say thell give lazio the win so they DONT get what they want and ban their stadium and fine them **** loads, not very smart if you ask me;)
I honestly don't believe we'll have to invade the pitch, our players know exactly where they stand, so you can relax like I told Glen!!!

It's in the hands of INTER AND LAZIO, all you could do is dream!!!
You want to talk about balls? You? A riomista? Balls? Hahahaa, please, if they gave you a pair you wouldn't know what to do with them anyways!!!



I have to go, my fellow LAZIALI are calling, there's a big party to organize!!!

Just one more game,one more game we would release all our frustrations,all our tears in these years into tears of jubilation!I really cannot imagine that when that moment come!!I'm sure I'll break into tears!After supporting this club,the love of my life for 13 years!!Exactly 13 years!!

We have worked soooo hard this season!Under the great Cuper,we found the real Inter,the Inter that play like a scudetto winning team!Even without Bobo for the first 2 months of the season,CHino for 3 months,Dalmat for 3 months,and R9 for most of the season,we are still able to pull together and play well,or at least get the points and stay top of the Serie A for most part of the season!True,we could have won the Scudetto by today cuz we have some slip up like the game vs Atalanta and Chievo,but thee most important thing is that we are still the leader to the last game!All the regrets should be forgotton cuz it cannot be recovered!Just go to the pitch and win then the scudetto will be ours!!That is EXTREMELY important cuz we dont need to rely on anyone but ourselves to make our dream come true!!!

In Rome next week,hopefully Materazzi will be back next week!And fortunately,DB and Chritiano didnt pickup any yellow card and Cordoba with Gresko still didnt get too many to be suspended next match!So actually we can field our best lineup next week!!





I know there will be a lot of pressure and at the same time,I believe the players know how important and meaningful this game is to them,especially for guys like Toldo,Mata,Cordoba,R9 and Javier!!THis is somethings they have never acheived and the chance is there for them,next Sunday!!For Javier,this is something he has worked all the years for,and how great is that our great captain,finally,achieve this!!I just hope the players to sleep well this week,get ready and go on the pitch next Sunday with full concentration and desire!!I'm sure we can do it!!

As for us Nerazzurri,think about all the suffering,all the laugh we got all the bash we got through these years,and the time for us to shine has come!No matter how long u have been supporting Inter,as long as u are a TRUE Inter fan,U'll know how important this is to u,and it's something u deserve for all the support u give to Inter in these years!!

Even if we somehow do not achieve this,I'm still proud of Inter!For all they did this season,and the future of the black and blue!

I can feel it...........the end is near..............

I believe in Inter.

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where are the inter fans???? why roma fans/juve fans/lazio fans post in here more than inter fans??? :D:D:D
it's do or die

please inter,you must do it, we are with you.
GOOOOOOOOOOO Inter,you are the best
FORZA INTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i dont understand what your saying aca, if lazio have the game won and the fans run onto the pitch do you think theyll give Inter the win???I sincerely doubt it, id say thell give lazio the win so they DONT get what they want and ban their stadium and fine them **** loads, not very smart if you ask me
No way they would give Lazio the victory. Since it wouldn´t be Inter fans that disturbed the game Inter couldn´t be punished for it either. The most realistic thing would be that the game would have to be replayed in front of an empty stadium.
Relax, it's all under control, we know what we have to do come Sunday, and believe me, we won't allow our guys to play the match of the season, we'll give you what you deserve and then we'll celebrate together!!

Conceicao, uno di noi!!!
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