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Goal Keepers 10/10 :

Buffon ( 9/10 ) :
He didn't have a great season with Parma, it was good but
we all expect more from him, there is some chances that he migh not be Italys
first keeper, altough it wouldn't make any difference if he did, I can't see that
he is any badder then Toldo.

Toldo (9/10) :
He have had a great season with Fiorentina, while his deffenders doesn't seem to trust him
that much. But everyone who saw him in the Portugal match knows that this guy
is a qualiy keeper. He can be Italys nr.1 but I would go for Buffon.

Antonioli (8/10) :
He started like the rest of Roma in a fantastic way, but then came the
Leeds matches and pussykewel scored the only goal of the two matches,
with that the air went out of Roma and Antonioli got injured. When he came
back he got blamed for the bad play Roma showed wich was very unfair on him.
Capello should absolutely keep this guy, he is Italys nr.3, and he knows it
he will probably not play a second.

Deffence (9/10) :

Nesta ( 10/10 ) :
Worlds best deffender at the moment, the natural leader of Lazio ( the DOUBLE winners ).
Will start , the only thing that can keep him out is injuries.

Cannavaro (10/10) :
Also one of worlds best deffenders, doesn't need any introduction lets just
hope that he stays at Parma. He is The new Costacurta.

Maldini ( 10/10 ) :
Is Maldini the best Left Back ever?? Most people would absolutely say
that. Injured at the moment and it's unsure if he will be fit for the first matches.

Ferrara ( 8/10 ) :
Back from his injuries, but he should only be a sub. He is getting old.

***** ( 8/10 ) :
A right back who after my opinion should start. Have had a good
season with Lazio and have grown very much the last two seasons.

Pessotto ( 8/10) :
He can play both on right and left side of the deffence, I have also seen him play
on the midfield, a very versitale player, who will be a good sub.

Iuliano ( 8/10 ) :
He has been called the most talented deffender for a long time, but he
has yet to prove it, He has had a good season with Juve and can fight for
the first team spot, altough it will be on the left if Maldini doesn't get

Midfield ( 6/10 ) :

Albertini ( 6/10 ) :
Totally out of form , altoug he showed some good stuff in the season
last few matches. In form we all know that he is one of worlds best
midfielder but he hasn't been himself for a long time now. Should stay
on the becnh.

Ambrosini (7/10) :
The finding of the year last season, didn't do that well this season
but he can become the new Albertini. Works very very hard.

Conte (8/10) :
Juves Captain is also one of my favourite players, works harder then
almost everybody and has a carisma only few people posses. A natural leader
on the field, should be Italys Anchor. When he comes on runs from behind
he is very dangerous. A very underestimated player. When it gets tough
Conte gets going.

Di Biagio (7/10) :
had a great world cup and didn't do that bad on Inters
midfield this year. Fights with Conte for the Anchor spot.

Di Livio ( 6/10):
very versitale, but his age is talking against him. A surprise in the
squad, but he didn't do that bad with Fiorentina this year, should be
a sub.

Zambrotta (7/10) :
Should play, he is young and he is fast very fast. I expect him to get
his international breaktrough any moment now.

Fiore (8/10) :
Played great against Portugal, wanted by Inter, Lazio, Milan and God knows
who, will start as the playmaker.

Attackers ( 7/10 ) :

Totti (9/10 ) :
Zoff considers Totti as a attacker wich is wrong, he should play
as the playmaker, will probably end up on the bench.

Del Piero ( 7/10) :
Haven't had a good championship ever, lousy in 96, and ridiculous in 98.
Del Piero has the talent and his season wasn't that worse. Will probably start
in the first match. Lets just hope that Alex finally shows his talent in
a big Tournament.

Delvecchio ( 5/10) :
In lousy form, and should never have been in the squad. ( S.Inzaghi anyone ?? )
But Marco have surprised before, nobody suspected him to be a good player but
in Roma he has developed into a good striker. The tall and strong man upfront
will probably start instead of Vieri.

Inzaghi (7/10) :
Hated by everyone in these forums for some strange reason, started
the season good but had trouble in the last matches, and his relationship
with Ancelotti didn't make the case better. Pippo is a so good striker that if he gets
the chance I am sure he will score.

Montella (7/10) :
A speedy striker just like Pippo, bothered by Batigol the last few days,
A very stupid time of Bati to do that , I tought that the guy had more integrity than that.
Montella is just like Delvecchio out of form, in form he would have a 9.
Will probably end up on the bench.

My team:







Unfortunately Delvecchio must play, because he is the only one who is a good header
up front.

Whats your opinion and do you guys agree with me??

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My team:




Del Piero

Delvecchio/Montella Inzaghi

my team



---Zambrotta ----Conte-----Fiore --- Di Livio


----------Montella-------Del piero--------------

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Nesta Cannavaro Iuliano
Zambrotta Conte Fiore Maldini (playing like Pessotto at Juve)
Montella Del Piero

I know the strikers DP and Montella are small but it beats having Inzaghi or Del Vecchio in the team.

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