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Italy vs Portugal, Fiore played great

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I saw a 20 minutes resumé from Italy - Portugal on Eurosport tonight and man did Fiore play great!!! Although I can´t judge him from the whole match, but the pass to Totti´s 2-0 goal was a beauty. He played the whole match on the central of the midfield, and I think he will be a first-lineup player for the Euro 2000. Now hopefully he will play for us next season!!!!!!
Although we have great midfielders already I definetly think that he will compete with Almeyda for a first-team place although he (Almeyda) is one of my favourite players in Lazio. Toldo also played a great game tonight. He was solid and didn´t make any misatkes.

Recently someone said here in the forum: What would be best, Get Rivaldo or Toldo-Fiore? I think definetely Toldo and Fiore. It´s not just that they are both Italian, but that we get so mutch more Quality overall in the team. With Toldo we have a top international goalie for 4-5 years ahed, and with the new guy, Carini we don´t have to worry about our goalkeepers for 4-5 years ahed!! And Fiore would be a great complement to the already so good midfield!
I don´t doubt that Rivaldo is a great player and ofcourse a great reinforcement for the whole team But we already have so many great players that another superstar player maybe will be to much.
What do you guys think?
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Fiore played well, from what I saw on Eurosport too! :)
Toldo in a trash can!


Fiore has really found his game in Udi this season. Its funny that you say he could compete with Almeyda though, since they aren't the same type of player at all. Besides, Matias defensive skills are worth a lot more for Lazio than Fiores offensive skills would.
I doubt he will remain in Udi though, not after the season he's had.

France - Slovenia 3:2(0:2)

France: Trezeguet, Blanc, Trezeguet
Slovenia: Milinovic, Udovic

I saw the whole match on Rai. Fiore did play well indeed. He passed the ball perfectly.
Gotta say that the whole team played well.
Conte, Cannavaro, S.Inzaghi, Iuliano...
The best news is that now the national team has a real playmaker.

But on the otherhand Fiore could not take Almeydas place, just like ST wrote.
Lazio needs Almeyda with his defensive skills
Lazio has already a playmaker - Veron.
Don't need two of them.
Yea, maybe you guys are right. I know Almeydas defensive work is priceless but since Fiore is not a winger and Veron is our best player, the only way he can get into the first-lineup is to fight with Almeyda.
But maybe you´re right, Almeyda is just a too important player for us. But I think Fiore still can be very useful for us next season, I mean if we play as many matches as we did this season, we need a great bench! So maybe he can be a sub for Veron, when we have many matches and Veron played for his national team for example!

Forza Lazio
I saw the whole game. Fiore was outstanding the first half and ran all over the field. In the second half he was very tired and made only one good thing...the pass to Totti and Italy's second goal.
But in the first half he had the ball most of the times, and the best with him is that he never tries difficult things, always playing the easy way.
But that is just what they say is difficult, so BRAVO FIORE !!

Fiore is also a wing player, at Udinese he plays central but has more times played at the right and also the left side.

Forza Lazio
Mentioning Eurosport, has anyone seen the Gillette Dreamteam?

It's total crap....

So far

Thuram---De Boer (forgot) Maldini

---- ----- ---- ----

----- Vieri

--- means that they have to be filled in yet. ( Via votingsystem )

I mean, De Boer?

Norway - Belgium 0-2 :)
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People,as you've seen Trezeguet scored again,maybe he's the right man for us.So why don't we try to get him?

Forza Lazio!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Fiore was very good,we should get him immediately!

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