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Italy let the dutch take possesion. The dutch have the ball 70% of the time. Then the referee? somebody please shoot that guy? The way he gave yellow card to everybody, maldini, toldo... well, at least he did give a yellow to davids (finally!).
yeah, the bbc commentators kept on supporting holland. whay~? because they like their attacking game, and said italy is too boring defending, and they definitely don't want to see this in the final. but hey, yeah, holland was attacking, but they don't have any organisation post-berkamp. and in the 2nd half, italy is actually did well with 10 men. and did some fine attacking... and some of them could resulted in a goal. and example is delvecchio's weak shot.
then, the two penalties. I loove it! Toldo is the hero, he's the man and i think he even surprise himself to be able to save the penalty from de boer (can't repeat the penalty against chezch this time). kluivert missed. At that time, i felt there's some sort of spirit guarding Italy's goalpost.
penalty! no! but seeing the italians stick together, and Toldo performed a miracle. yes. The penalty is the contest between two unlukiest team on penalty-taking. and Italy are against the dutch's side of the stadium, not the azzuri. guess italy broke the curse. i hate the penalty cos it's take out all my energy. but hey... you know the result.
now, everybody said italy is lucky, it's just not holland's day. credit where credit due. They defended well with 10 men down, they have referee IMHO against them. They can only play for the penalty in that circumstances. not a great tactics, but certainly works. Holland, well, if you missed two penalties, that's certainly not a champion material. Now, Italy have to hope for their luck to work against france.
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