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Jenei "Italy is a tank!"

Emerich Jenei, coach of surprising Romania, able to pass
the round sending home England and Germany, knows
what his team must to do to pass the round "We need to
run more and to be smarter, even more than in the
previous matches!"

"Italy is a great team, but like we defeated England, we'll
try to do the same with Zoff's squad! Even Italy has some
weakness faces and we'll work to cancel the strongest
ones! Besides we haven't anything to lose, while all the
pressure is on the Azzurri's shoulders!" Jenei added.

"They are a kind of tank, but even a tank could be
destroyed, they are not invincible! Anyway I have an
hope: I am a great fan of Del Piero and I was surprised to
see him benched. Now I just hope he could stay out next
Saturday as well!".

Gheorghe Hagi, star of the Rumanian team, agrees with
his coach "Italian team is full of champions, but maybe Del
Piero is a bit better than the other ones. My team mates
made me a great gift taking a place in the quarter-finals,
now I want to repay them in the next match!".
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