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Italy hope pasta will be sauce of World Cup triumph

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ROME, April 22 (AFP)
Italy coach Giovanni Trapattoni hopes that plates of spaghetti could help Italy be crowned world champions for the fourth time when the World Cup gets underway next month.

Trapattoni is lending his support to a campaign to promote two of Italy's most famous exports - pasta and football - and looks back to his spell in charge of Germany's Bayern Munich as an example of the positive effects of pasta on footballers.

"By taking the Mediterranean diet (to Munich) I managed to limit the consumption of beer and wurstel in Germany," said 63-year-old Trapattoni who has contributed to a promotional initiative called 'Made in Italy - the winning diet' by Italy's Ministry of Agriculture.

It is believed that some 175 million people around the world watch an Italian football match on television every weekend - and that a similar number also tuck into a plate of spaghetti every Sunday.

Italy will eat Italian food at their Sendai training base in Japan and by eating spaghetti in the Far East there will be no need for Trapattoni and his men to feel that they are snubbing Asian cuisine.

Legend has it that spaghetti was brought to Italy by 13th century Venetian explorer Marco Polo who had discovered noodles on his travels in Asia.


There is no better food in the world than Pasta :cool: I live on Pasta :D Let's hope the Azzurri get their good dose during June ;)
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heh, we're coming to Japan full of cevapi and other spicy meatball delights :)

look out...
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